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Boscov’s Job Application Online

Boscov’s does not provide an online job application that can be printed out.  Click on the company website link below to get the newest job listings available at the Boscov’s department store nearest to you:

Minimum Employment Age At Boscov’s

The minimum employment age at Boscov’s is 16 years old.

Boscov’s Store Hours

Mon-Sat 10-9:00, Sun 11am-6pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Boscov’s

We advise that you fill out a Boscov’s application form and bring it in personally. Boscov’s applications are always best received in the store where you can speak directly with the people who are in position to hire you. Simply filling out a Boscov’s application online does not leave as powerful an impression because that is what most everyone else does.  Take your job application for Boscov’s seriously and the management will take you seriously, too!

Most Common Positions At Boscov’s & Income Information

Beauty Advisor, Cosmetics Sales Associate, Cosmetic Counter Manager, Women’s Sales Associate, Jewelry Sales Associate, Shoe Sales Associate, Men’s Sales Associate, Kids Sales Associate, Home Sales Associate, Loss Prevention Detective/Guard, Staff Scheduler/Clerical Worker, Receiving & Stock Associate, Merchandise Coordinator, Supervisor, Sales Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Assistant General Manager, General Manager

Entry level employees can expect to be paid, or slightly above, the state minimum wage.  Those who have acquired professional education and related experience may command industry standard wages based on their profession.  Check the company website for more details.

Boscov’s Benefits

The best benefit of going to work at Boscov’s is the stability of the store since over 100 years ago. Entry-level workers have a chance to receive excellent training for the positions they will fill, plus opportunities to expand with the company. There are also benefits of flexible scheduling, competitive industry pay, and paid medical insurance for qualified employees who work on a full time basis. Other perks include a 401(k) plan, sick leave, vacation, holiday and more.

Boscov’s is a great place to work if you prefer that your employer has stability and family values. The store began its operations in 1911, founded by a Russian immigrant named Solomon Boscov. His son Albert now holds the company reins. The firm has very low employee turnover due to its soloidarity, in-house promotion policy, and excellent customer service record.

Most entry level employees will start out as sales associates, run the cash register or work in shipping and receiving. Once you learn the store business, many potential transfers are possible. Store management is always a future possibility when you begin your career at Boscov’s. Boscov’s is known for its active recruitment in colleges and universities, and an executive training program is available. Boscov generally promotes from within its ranks, so if you know how to listen, are ready to work hard and have a go-getter attitude, you would be a good match for Boscov’s.

All along the Atlantic seabord, Boscov’s owns and operates 39 quality department stores. The stores are knows for its special touch. For example, as a courtesy to its customers, Boscov’s will gift wrap items free of charge. Unlike many modern stores, Boscov’s continues to provide a candy counter in each store and toy shop. The store is known for its comprehensive beauty advisory counter, perfume and cosmetics, home furnishings, bridal registry, extensive clothing lines and shoe store. There are also sit down restaurants in many of the Boscov’s stores.

Boscov’s is one of the last remaining family owned department stores in America. It sells many of America’s top brand names associated with quality and a good reputation for value. Boscov’s has old fashioned family values but has managed to keep up with the times with an aggressive recruitment program, management training program to college seniors, online shopping promotions and more.


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