Canadian Tire is one of the most recognizable brands in Canada, having been in business since 1922 which is almost an entire century, or 91 years to be precise. The company has built a solid reputation over the years and is the trusted supplier of automotive products. Besides being a reputable company when it comes to automotive products, Canadian Tires also supplies hardware, sports apparel, gas bars and an array of items for the home. They are a one stop shop and this is the reason why they are a household name in Canada. Working for Canadian Tire is a dream come true for many. If you are interested in employment in the company, you may need to jump start your career by accessing the Canadian Tire online application for employment.

 Canadian Tire Jobs Available

You can submit your Canadian Tire application form online. Some of the jobs currently open for submissions include: logistics associate, sales associate, store department manager, infrastructure sourcing specialist, accounting clerk, bilingual specialty collector, imports manager, senior technical specialist, category business manager, programmer analyst and marketing specialist just to mention a few.

Minimum Employment Age at Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire’s job application online and is available to anyone above the age of 16.

Canadian Tire Store Hours

You can easily get information on store hours by using the store locator available on the company’s online platform.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Canadian Tire

  • Click on the “Join Our Team” link to get to the Canadian Tire online application platform. Here you will find different categories of jobs available from campus opportunities to part time and full time opportunities.
  • Once you select your preferred category you will find a Canadian Tire job application form. You will need to create an account with the site before you can begin your application.
  • It is always important to follow up on online applications. You can follow up by stopping by the store where you applied for the job or calling the department you applied to and asking to speak to the hiring manager just for introductory purposes and to show your interest in the position.

Most Common Positions at Canadian Tire & Income Information

Canadian Tires is a large company and one that is constantly looking for new members to join its team.  All employees are trained and full time positions come with great benefits.  Filling the Canadian Tire job application could lead to a fulfilling career and you could apply for entry level positions, team leader or even managerial positions. Despite where you start, there is always room for growth at Canadian Tire and an entry level position could lead to a managerial one with experience and further training.

Canadian Tire Benefits

Your first step to getting a job at this company would be by filling out the Canadian Tire application form available on their website. As mentioned earlier, there are various areas of employment in this organization and you can enjoy great benefits and pay packages especially with the full time position.  Some of the benefits you stand to gain are health plan, dental plan, annual vacation allowance, tuition subsidies, life and disability insurance amongst other fantastic benefits for employees. This is a company that really knows how to take care of its employees and one that is always training its employees hence giving them a chance to advance their careers.


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