Working at Dollar General

If you are entering the workforce for the first time, working at Dollar General is an ideal training ground or any future career. Work in a store, a distribution center, a warehouse or support center will provide experience in basic skills needed for any position. Employees will learn to work as a team, to recognize the value of striving for excellence and be energized to grow with a fast growing discount retailer.

Do you love to serve customers and help people? Working in a Dollar General store may be just right for you. Do you like to be part of a well-oiled machine? Working in a distribution center might be right for you.

Finding and filling out an online job application for Dollar General is the first step on the road to being hired by the retailer. This is the most direct method to apply to work at one of the company’s stores or support centers.

About Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation is based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. It is the biggest discount retailer in the United States, in what is considered the ‘small-box’ category. Dollar General offers select products from popular brands at consistently low prices. Dollar General carries products from such brands as Nabisco, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Hanes, PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, and Coca-Cola.

The Dollar General Corporation has almost 12,000 stores in 43 states, enjoying $19 billion in sales in 2014. Stores average approximately 7,000 square feet in size, and each stock between 10,000 and 12,000 SKUs (stock keeping units). This stock is warehoused and shipped to individual stores from twelve distribution centers spread out in central points across the country.

In 2014, Dollar General Corporation reported employing 105,000 individuals.

If you want to contact Dollar General directly:

Corporate Head Office
100 Mission Ridge
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072
Telephone (615) 855-4000
Customer Service Telephone: 1-800-678-9258

Types of employment opportunities available at Dollar General

There are many job opportunities, many of them entry-level, with Dollar General. This is a common situation with any good size retailer. There are corporate head office opportunities, distribution center jobs, support center jobs, and store location positions available. You can apply for all types of positions using the Dollar General online job application form.

In Dollar General stores, there are positions available for managers, assistant managers, customer service representatives, stock clerks and cashiers.

The store manager can make up to as much as over $40,000 per year, while assistant managers may not be salaried – they may be paid hourly, making between $12 and $18 per hour. Pay for all staff, including managers and assistant managers, is based on experience, education and job performance. Managers and assistant managers almost always have retail experience prior to being hired, as well as a minimum of a high school diploma, and good references that demonstrate leadership and management skills.

A customer service representative, stock clerk, and/or cashier can be hired with or without experience since these are considered entry-level positions. They are hourly positions, most of which are part-time, though each store may hire a core group of full-time employees. The hourly pay normally starts around minimum wage.

The Dollar General distribution centers offer opportunities for stock clerk, logistics and management positions. Stock clerks usually start at minimum wage, while logistics positions and management jobs have salaries that are commensurate with experience, education and job performance.

Administrative and management positions are available at the Dollar General corporate head office. These may include positions such as administrative assistant, marketing coordinator, marketing manager, buyer, merchandiser, accounting clerk, human resources, logistics, and senior management. The administrative positions are almost all full-time positions with annual salaries.

Benefits of working at Dollar General

Dollar General offers a full package of benefits competitive with other retailers of a similar size. Full-time employees have opportunities for health, vacation, sick, and financial planning tools and benefits. In addition, Dollar General offers store employee discounts.

Tips for applying for a position at Dollar General via the online job application or downloadable application

The online job application process for Dollar General is particularly user friendly since it is divided into different areas for different types of careers and positions. It is available on the Dollar General website on the page marked ‘DG Careers Home’. On this page, jobs are divided into ‘Store Careers’, ‘Distribution Center Careers’, and ‘Corporate Careers’.

Potential applicants can search and apply for specific careers or job openings or submit a resume with no particular job opening in mind.

Applying for positions at Dollar General corporate headquarters

Retail store positions are easy to find on the Dollar General website. Once in the ‘Store Careers’ section, you will be guided to enter your zip code. You will be provided with a list of all store job opportunities within a distance you specify. You will be shown up to fifteen job openings. 

Applying for positions at Dollar General corporate headquarters

Management positions and corporate head office positions are listed on the Dollar General career page. An online application is available to complete and submit electronically, or you can send your resume electronically for general consideration.

Find a position that is not right for you but might work for a friend? Dollar General website offers an easy way to send the link to a particular job opportunity to a friend.

If you are seeking a corporate or management position, be sure to update your resume so it truly reflects the qualifications you have that make you right for a position at the Dollar General Corporation. Remember that a resume is not just a list of your previous jobs, employers and job descriptions. You must create a good representation of you, your skills, and your personality.

The Dollar General online application for those seeking positions at the corporate head office is much like the online application system of many large organizations and job search databases. It provides the applicant the choice to create a resume through their system or upload a resume from his or her computer or other source. 

More tips for getting a job at Dollar General

Dollar General Corporation offers an online assessment for many positions. If you are asked to complete an assessment, answer the questions truthfully. You cannot predict what the employer is looking for, nor do you want to project an impression that is dishonest. It will only come back to reflect poorly on you in your future with the company.

If (and when) you are called to come in for your interview, remember to dress appropriately. You will want to be dressed in clothing that is clean and neat, and at least appropriate for a workday with the company, or even more formally.

Ensure that you have taken the time to consider personal grooming. Avoid overly scented products, and be sure to arrive with a clean face and hands, and fresh breath.

Make sure you read up on Dollar General Corporation’s culture, background and philosophy. Detailed information is available on the company website.

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