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Dollar General Application – Apply Online At Dollar General Today

Dollar General Job Application Online

Currently, there is not a printable Dollar General application online. Anyone interested in filling out Dollar General applications should do so on the website that is provided above. Depending on the specific Dollar General location, Full-Time or Part-Time work may be available.

You can print out the Dollar General Application Form Here: Dollar General Application

Minimum Employment Age At Dollar General

The minimum age to work at a Dollar General store is 18 years of age. Work permits may be required depending on the state in which the store is located.

Dollar General Store Hours

Normal business hours typically for Dollar General are 8:00AM to 9:00pm, 7 days a week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Dollar General

The Dollar General Corporation is a chain of variety stores in the United States of America.

To simply the employee hiring process, Dollar General encourages people to apply online through their website which you can find here.  However, if you do fill out a Dollar General Application form, we still encourage applying in person. If you are not sure why applying in person is so important or how best to apply online you can go here to read get our free tips on getting hired and making the right impression.

While there are a variety of positions available, Dollar General offers an especially great number of entry level job opportunities. Many people find that a job application for Dollar General can lead to a great first time job or a great part time job.

The Dollar General online application allows you to apply to various positions which is both convenient and can increase your chances a job quickly if that is what you are looking for.

Make sure that your fill out your Dollar General application for employment thoroughly. It is always important to make sure that all fields are filled out on the form. Companies like Dollar General receive many applications online and therefore it is important to make sure your Dollar General application has no errors or omissions.

This is especially true when if you apply for Dollar General jobs in a managerial or supervisory position. If you already bring these skills to the table, Dollar General could be a great opportunity for you. Dollar General has a strong reputation for bringing in people with experience in management. Dollar General also has a strong reputation for hiring talent from within, so career advancement is available for the more motivated and career oriented employees at Dollar General.

One last piece of advice: when filling out a Dollar General application online make sure to specify the store location you prefer to work at. Many towns and cities have multiple Dollar General locations and it is important to specify is there is a specific store you are interested in.  This can avoid any confusion and speed up your application process.
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Most Common Positions At Dollar General & Income Information

Dollar General is always in need of both entry level workers and professional positions. It is one of the largest department stores in the country. There are full time and part time job positions available across the United States that need to be filled. Please apply for a job at Dollar General using the online application to be considered for a position. Find out what retail careers are available at the company by completing a Dollar General job application form today. The following positions need to be filled at Dollar General store locations:

Cashier: Cashiers at Dollar General stores are tasked with helping customers finalize their purchases. Cashiers may be responsible for operating cash registers, handling cash, answering customer questions, and completing other jobs assigned to them. Minimum wage is the most common starting wage for Dollar General Cashiers.
Sales Associate: Dollar General Sales Associates can expect to help customers select their merchandise and stock shelves on a daily basis. The sales associate position could include organizing product displays, answering questions, checking expiration dates, and completing other assigned projects. The sales associate position at Dollar General can expect to earn a starting wage between minimum wage and $9 an hour.

Management: Managers and supervisors at Dollar General work various management positions. These positions may include store manager, shift leader, or assistant store manager. Tasks that management positions can expect include hiring new associates, scheduling the staff, training new hires, and managing the day to day operations of their store. Managers at a Dollar General store can expect to earn between $20,000 and $35,000 each year. This pay rate depends on store location, position department, experience, and job title.

There are additional jobs that Dollar General may need to fill. These positions include store merchandiser, grocery employee, and operations manager. Dollar General distribution warehouses are in need of shipping and receiving workers as well. Administrative assistant, office associate, and other professional careers may be available at the Dollar General corporate offices. Whatever type of position you are seeking, apply online now to start the Dollar General hiring process.

Dollar General Benefits

Regardless of position, all Dollar General employees receive on the job benefits that include paid job training, flexible schedules, and competitive wages within their particular retail industry. Certain Dollar General workers may be eligible for other additional work benefits. Eligible Dollar General workers can make use of health and wellness benefits, future planning perks, and other employment benefits.

These benefits are a great value to employees of Dollar General. Future planning benefits include a 401(k) option for retirement planning in addition to life and disability insurance plans. Dollar General health and wellness benefits may include medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans for eligible workers. A healthcare flexible spending account plan is available as well. Other additional benefits include home or education financing solutions, paid time off, and bonus incentives for eligible employees.  These are some pretty good reasons to fill out a dollar general application for employment.

Helpful Things To Know About Dollar General

We believe it always important to know as much about Dollar General as you can before applying. Knowing special things about a company can help you make a strong positive impression in an interview. This is just one tip among many that can help separate you from other potential job seekers. To learn more “Secrets” to getting hired get our free report.

Dollar General has a strong connection with the motorsports industry, especially NASCAR. The company is the main sponsor for the #32 Turner Motorsports Nationwide Series team. The company is also active with the IZOD Indy Car Series as well.

Dollar General has created the DG product brand of inexpensive household goods. These items are sold exclusively at Dollar General stores.

Dollar General History And Trivia

Knowing the history and trivia of a company can often times be more important than people think. Some things you may or may not know about Dollar General include the following:

  • The company headquarters are located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee
  • There are over 9,300 Dollar General Stores in 35 U.S. states
  • The company was founded in 1939 by Cal Turner as J.L. Turner & Son, INC
  • The company changed its name to Dollar General Corporation in 1968
  • The company employees nearly 80,000 people currently
  • Dollar General stores typically occupy shopping plazas and strip malls in local neighborhoods
  • Dollar General offers both name brand and generic merchandise
  • Dollar General is not a dollar store
  • Dollar General has plans to open 625 new stores


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