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Family Dollar Job Application Online 

Minimum Employment Age At Family Dollar: 16

Family Dollar Store Hours

Mon-Sat: 8:00am-9:00pm; Sun: 10:00am-8:00pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With Family Dollar

It is always a good idea to bring your Family Dollar application form into the store in person. Family Dollar applications are best received in the store where you can get to talk to and get to know the people in the store directly  Simply filling out Family Dollar applications online does not leave as powerful an impression. We advise you to take your Family Dollar job application seriously. We highly recommend you read our free report, 7 Secrets To Getting Hired, to learn how to improve your chances of being hired.

Most Common Positions At Family Dollar & Income Information

Positions Available at Family Dollar include Sales Associate, Field Specialist, Assistant Store Manager, Customer Service Representative, Store Manager, District Manager, Security Guard,  General Warehouse Worker, Repack Stocker, Maintenance Tech III, Repack Order Filler, Forklift Operator, Bulk Order Filler, Shipping Loader, Forklift Operator.

In the final quarter of 2011, in 44 states and the District of Columbia, more than 10,000 job openings are listed on the company website.  Here is some specialized information:

Family Dollar applications online are the way to get your career started on the Family Dollar team.

When completing your online application for Family Dollar, consider the flexible, hardworking but very visible Customer Service Representative position.  The company is looking for friendly and energetic people who have proven reliability and a constant smile to communicate and interact well with our customers.

If you have a minimum of three months managerial experience, consider the position of Assistant Store manager for your Family Dollar job application form.  The company seeks individuals who enjoy faced paced retail, customer service and merchandising, and possess a minimum of three months’ supervisory experience

Store Managers are also needed by the successful and rapidly expanding firm.  By
Completing a Family Dollar application for one of its store managers, you may find a fit in if you are highly motivated and possesses a minimum of six months’ management experience.  The firm wants energetic retail managers, knows how supervise team members and thrives in a fast paced environment.

Don’t forget that you can also file a job application for Family Dollar’s Distribution Center jobs:

Shipping Loader – Fills orders for Family Dollar stores while establishing and maintaining all production level and standards of quality. A shipping lander ensures merchandise is loaded properly.

Bulk Order Filler – Fills all orders for delivery while establishing and maintaining production levels and quality standards. Orders are organized by bulk and case.

 Family Dollar applications are being accepted for Forklift Operator.  This job involves  handling equipment to trucks to transport freight.

Repack Order Filler – Selects all items ordered by each stores and packs them properly in boxes and/or containers..

General Warehouse – 

Fill out a Family Dollar application form for General Warehouse worker, which is most usually in demand.  You will work in one of 5 departments (bulk, receiving, forklift, shipping, or repack). Duties include stocking, order filling, loading/unloading freight, and box processing and housekeeping.

Maintenance Tech III – Performs preventive mechanical maintenance on major types of power transmission products. Performs emergency repair procedures and helps troubleshoot  malfunctioning equipment. There is a medium level electrical installations required of 2-5 years experience for this position.

Security Guard – Helps the security supervisor with the every day responsibilities of operations. Helps to secure grounds of facility, performs regular inspections of Distribution Center, maintains reports, and helps check trucks in and out according to Family Dollar’s standard procedures.

Yard Switcher – Moves trailers as needed to help provide these trailers for the shipping and receiving dock doors. Provides some standard maintenance of trucks and helps runs local routes. The job requirements for a Yard Switcher include Class A CDL, and at least 1-year Over-the-Road of driving experience.

Family Dollar Benefits

Family Dollar offers on the most generous department store job applications. Employees who come to work at Family Dollar enjoy flexible scheduling, competitive pay for the retail environment, and compensated job training, sometimes on the spot.

Some employees, with time and experience, will receive additional value-added benefits.  These include future planning benefits like a 401(k) plan, stock purchase programs, health and wellness perks, which means being compensated for not taking sick days.  Full time employees generally receive medical, dental, prescription and visual comprehensive health insurance plans.  Health risk assessments are also covered, dependent care and an employee assistance program is available for those in the cases of severe hardship.

Helpful Things To Know About Family Dollar

To this day, Family Dollar successfully provides high quality articles to its customers at competitively low prices.  Many prices in the store remain under $2.  The remaining goods in the store may cost up to $10 in most cases, bringing in a loyal following of repeat business.  Items for sale include clothing, pet supplies and toys, domestic goods like cleaning supplies, grocery items, children’s toys, and health and beauty aids.  In addition to its offering of normal consumer goods, Family Dollar offers communication devices, prepaid cellular phone plans and a wireless Verizon telephone plan that is contract free.  Through a special collaboration with T-Mobile, Net 10, Cricket, and other programs, consumers can find sizeable discounts for the high cost of normal communication needs.  Family Dollar has secured the means to make dollar stretching an attainable reality.

Family Dollar gives back to the more than 6,500 community locations that support the stores’ successful network.
Family Dollar donates money to designated 501(c)(3)  non-profit organizations which are in a position to improve the quality of life for low-income and low-middle income families within the communities in which the stores operate.  In practice, Family Dollar does not provide repetitive donations to the same organizations, year after year.  Nor does Family Dollar participate in fundraising drives.  Generally speaking, the company does not dispense benefits neither to groups nor to individuals who are outside of the service areas wherein the firm functions.

In order to save money and to better impact the environment, Family Dollar in cooperation with Sylvania Co., installed low energy lighting systems in more than 1,500 store locations.  Within a three year period, the new lighting system paid for itself in energy savings, which was over $1 million.  Energy management systems are in place to help further reduce costs throughout the United States.

Family Dollar History And Trivia

  • Family Dollar first opened in Charlotte, NC in 1959.
  • Its founder, Leon Levine wanted to sell high quality merchandise at a lower than average price.  Family Dollar started with all of its merchandise sold at only $2 or less.  Leon Levine used a store prototype so that each of his stores followed the same floor plan.
  • In only ten years, Family Dollar had expanded to 50 locations in Charlotte alone.
  • Today, there are well over 6,500 Family Dollar locations across the United States.  In addition to its retail stores, Family Dollar owns and operates nine distribution warehouses.  The firm supports approximately 30,000 employees.
  • Family Dollar’s corporate headquarters are located in Matthews, NC.
  • A domestic firm, Family Dollar has not announced any plans to expand internationally.
  • The company’s CEO is Howard R. Levine, the son of its founder, Leon.  A publicly held firm, its operations are managed by the Levine family as upper management.
  • Traded on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE as FDO, the firm reports annual earnings of nearly $7 billion and income upwards of $400 million in operating income.


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