Giant Tiger has been serving Canadian families for the past 52 years and is the largest discount store chain in the country. With over 200 stores, you can bet that Giant Tiger is a major employer and currently has more than 7,000 employees. If you are interested in joining this company as an employee, you will glad to know that there are various positions looking to be filled.  Simply access the Giant Tiger online application for employment to view some of these positions. Giant Tiger provides a fun work environment and is an equal opportunity employer. Some of the things you can find in Giant Tiger stores includes, groceries, pet supplies, health and beauty products, fashion items and home accessories just to mention a few.

 Giant Tiger Jobs Available

The Giant Tiger application form is available in their careers page. There are various opportunities available and you can look for a vacancy existing in your location. Since Giant Tiger has stores in multiple locations, you can find vacant positions to fill in Quebec, Ottawa and Ontario amongst other areas.

Minimum Employment Age at Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger job application online is available to all interested parties. However you need to be of legal employment age before you can get a job at any of the stores.

Giant Tiger Store Hours

Use Giant Tiger’s store locator to identify the store’s working hours and to find a store near you.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Giant Tiger

  • Access Giant Tiger’s online application page to look for jobs that interest you. Each position comes with job highlights, requirements and the work schedule for the position as well.
  •  Click on the apply tab to fill the simple Giant Tiger job application form also known as the resume builder application. You also have the choice of sending in your resume along with your cover letter.
  • You can follow up on your online application by personally visiting the store to express interest in the position. Alternatively, you could also follow up with a call to the recruiting manager.

Most Common Positions at Giant Tiger & Income Information

The Giant Tiger job application form is only the first step. You also need to go through a series of interviews depending on the position you applied for. There are various job categories and you can apply for sales positions or managerial positions depending on your qualifications. Some of the positions currently open are: soft goods associate, store manager, driver, facilities manager and human resources administrative associate just to mention a few. Giant Tiger values all its employees and therefore offers competitive remuneration and benefits.

Giant Tiger Benefits

Should you succeed in getting a job after filling out the Giant Tiger application form and getting through their interview process, you are going to be eligible to some of the fantastic benefits the company provides to its employees. It is important to note that these benefits may vary according to your employment status and your location as well. Some of these benefits are: store management training program which gives employees training in various departments. Health care, dental care, life insurance, long term disability, dependent insurance and accidental death are some of the insurance benefits you can get. Employees can also take advantage of the bonus plan, employee assistance program and the associate discount as well.


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