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Kmart Job Application Online

With more than 1,300 stores throughout the United States and U.S. territories, Kmart employs thousands of people in its retail locations, distribution centers, and headquarters.  The company provides an easy route to employment with a Kmart application online.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Kmart website and click the “Career” link in the “About Kmart” section.  This area will provide you with career information for jobs ranging from the starter hourly-wage jobs to the salaried positions in management.  After selecting a job category, you can open and complete a Kmart online application directly from the website.

Minimum Employment Age At Kmart

Kmart employees must be at least sixteen.  If you are sixteen or older, feel free to avail yourself of the Kmart job application online.

Kmart Store Hours

Many Kmart stores are open from 9am to 9pm, but to determine the specific hours of operation of a site where you anticipate working, you can use the “store locator” link at the header of the website.  You may be submitting a Kmart job application for a position with work-hours outside the operational hours of the store itself.  Stocking and distribution jobs, for example, may involve shifts at different hours of the night.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Kmart

  •  Access the Kmart careers application by following the “Careers” link from the foot of the website, under the “About Kmart” tab.
  • The career tab takes you to a career center shared by Sears and Kmart, which is a subsidiary of the Sears Company.  This center features company policies, position categories, and corporate ethics regarding inclusion and diversity.
  • When you click on any job category (such as “Entry Level and Salaried Jobs”) the link will send you to a directory of job listings, which you can browse for job openings near you.
  • Read the various job listings currently open, and compare the requirements of those jobs with the skills you could bring to your employment.
  • Make a list of the jobs that suit your skill set, and prepare to fill out a Kmart application for those jobs.
  • In preparation for filling in a Kmart job application form online, thoroughly scan the website for information about the company’s policies and history.  The more knowledge you can demonstrate about the company, the better your chances of impressing the HR personnel who will be making hiring decisions.
  • Prepare a detailed list of your own skills, education, and work experiences so you can be thorough in providing that information on your Kmart online job application.
  • Carefully edit your Kmart employment application before clicking Submit. Be sure you’ve checked for spelling and completed every required field in the application.  This is your chance to impress your potential employer, so make good use of it.
  • You are invited to register Kmart applications for more than one job.

Most Common Positions At Kmart & Income Information

Kmart stores employ sales associates, stockers, truckers, maintenance workers, clerics, and material handlers, as well as specialists like pharmacy technicians and pharmacy interns. Management specialties include areas of loss prevention, systems administration, and payroll.  The Kmart application form for each of these types of jobs is accessible from the site.  Hourly positions start at minimum wage, with a range of salaries for the management-level jobs.

Kmart Benefits

Eligible employees of Kmart can look forward to comprehensive benefits including health care, insurance, paid vacation, and retirement, as well as some more unusual forms of employee care, including adoption assistance and commuter benefits.  Lock in your secure future with a completed application for Kmart.

Helpful Things To Know About Kmart

As a subsidiary of the Sears Company, Kmart holds to the same corporate ethics embraced by its parent company.  With emphasis on diversity, employee well-being, and inclusionary practices, your Kmart application form will be considered openly and objectively regardless of your background.

Kmart History And Trivia

  •  In 1899 Sebastian Kruse opened his first “five-and-dime” store in Delaware.  By 1912 he was operating eighty-five variety stores, and steadily added stores to his stable, retiring in 1925 with almost 600 stores under his governance.
  • The first store to open under the “Kmart” name was a Kruse company outlet opened in 1962.
  • Kmart supercenters—including groceries as well as household goods—became popular in the early 1990s.  In 2004 Kmart merged with Sears Corporation, shoring up its troubled financial situation and enabling the famous brand to continue serving its loyal customers.
  • Kmart is a great believer in the power of social media to share information and consumer deals.  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are some of the venues where you can keep tabs on company information, sales, coupons, product information, and events near you.
  • The “My Kmart” web page (accessible from the home page of the main Kmart website) allows shoppers to create an account online; read and write reviews of products and services; access Kmart buying guides; participate in online discussion boards with other consumers; share ideas, participate in polls, and shop online for Kmart products, which can be shipped directly to homes.
  • Kmart also sponsors a Kmart blog, which features products, tips, sales, giveaways, new book releases, and community events.
  • Kmart has thoughtfully engineered a variety of ways in which consumers can pay their bills.  With a layaway plan, Kmart credit card, gift cards, and online coupon and bonus deal pages, Kmart products remain within reach of even a tight household budget.
  • Kmart is responsible for a robust community outreach program, focused on giving back to areas of the community in need of assistance.
  • Kmart has featured some exclusive lines of brand names, perhaps most famously the “Martha Stewart Living” line of home and kitchen products.
  • Kmart is particularly famed for its “blue light specials,” which have gained almost an iconic pop-culture status in films and popular references.  In 2007, as a nod to this icon, the mascot and spokesperson of the company was named as Mr. Bluelight.
To apply at Kmart click here.
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