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Lowe’s Job Application Online

Lowe’s user-friendly website includes a Career Center, where you can learn about the different types of jobs (corporate headquarters and distribution centers, as well as retail stores), search specifically for available job openings in your area, view career videos, and even submit your Lowe’s application online.  At the bottom of the Lowe’s website home page, click on “Careers” under the “Company Info” heading.  From here you can find all the information you need about the career options available to you.  If you perform a job-availability search (simply supplying your state and city), you can click on any of the listed jobs to open a Lowes online application for that position, complete with information about the job requirements, responsibilities, and hours.

Minimum Employment Age At Lowe’s

Employees of Lowes must be at least sixteen years of age.  Younger applicants will most likely be hired for entry-level positions, with managerial assignments going to more experienced, older applicants.  Of course, any entry-level employee can earn that experience while working for Lowes, so as you fill out your Lowe’s job application online, keep in mind that there are additional career opportunities in your path.

Lowe’s Store Hours

You can search for the specific stores in your area using the “store locator” at the top of the Lowe’s website; selecting any store, you’ll find the specific information about that location, including store hours.  Most Lowe’s stores operate from 6am-9pm on weekdays, sometimes with shorter hours on Sunday, but you’ll want to check the specifics of your own local store.  Keep in mind, as you consider your Lowe’s job application, that some positions may have shifts outside of the store’s business-hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Lowe’s

  • The Lowe’s careers application in the Career Center allows you to search for jobs by location as well as type of position.
  • When you click on a specific job, you have the option of adding that job to your “cart.”  Rather than applying immediately for a job, browse the available options, saving any possibilities to your cart.
  • Looking at the jobs you’ve flagged, consider which jobs you are best suited to fill.
  • Take some time reading the website to become familiar with the products, services, and corporate ethics of Lowe’s before filling out your Lowe’s application.
  • Having considered the available options, complete a Lowes job application form online for any of the positions for which you are qualified and available.
  • Take care to complete the Lowe’s online job application fully and completely, providing all of the required information.
  • Consider what information about yourself, your education, your skills, and your experience might be relevant to your Lowe’s employment application, and be sure to include that information.
  • Proof-read your Lowe’s applications (or better yet, ask a friend to look at them with a “fresh set of eyes”) to ensure you’ve presented yourself in the best possible manner, with correct spelling and complete information.
  • To learn how to greatly increase you chances of getting hired, make sure you read our free report 7 Secrets To Getting Hired. Over 85% of the people that have read our report say that it helped them get hired.

Most Common Positions At Lowe’s & Income Information

The most commonly available jobs at Lowe’s fall under the category of “Sales Specialist.”  These are positions in the retail stores themselves, and sales specialists may specialize in various departments within the store:

  • Exterior Project Specialists (fencing, storage sheds, home siding, roofs, and other outdoor plans)
  • Installment sales (delivering and servicing Lowe’s products at the customer’s location)
  • Building Materials (tools and materials)
  • Nursery (plants and landscaping)
  • Outdoor Power Equipment (e.g. home heating and cooling systems)
  • Floor Sales (a generalist available to customers during their shopping experience)

The sales positions may start at minimum wage, with opportunities for career advancement as an employee gains experience and specialized knowledge.

Lowe’s Benefits

Lowe’s offers a comprehensive range of benefits to its employees, including health insurance, life insurance, disability, vision and dental plans, retirement 401(k) plan, stock options, and vacation hours.  Even part-time employees are eligible to participate in some of these benefits, such as the company’s health plan and accrued vacation hours.  You can also build your credit by completing a Lowe’s credit card application online.  All in all, completing a Lowe’s application form can set you on a path to a secure future.

Helpful Things To Know About Lowe’s

Lowes is one of the country’s largest department store employers. Lowe’s has been a Gold Winner of the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles Award.  When you complete your Lowe’s job application form, you can rest assured that you’re placing your future in the hands of an employer that looks out for its workers.  Lowe’s honors its commitment to “diversity and inclusion,” guaranteeing that your application for Lowe’s will be considered on its merit, regardless of your background.

Lowe’s History And Trivia

  • From its humble beginning as a small hardware store, Lowe’s has been operating in the United States since 1946.
  • Lowe’s currently has stores in more than 1,725 locations in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
  • Lowe’s stores offer not only tools and materials for home improvement, but also installation, servicing, project classes, and project ideas.
  • Lowe’s customers can do their shopping entirely online, putting the items they need into a virtual cart and completing the transaction with an online payment.  The company guarantees that within 20 minutes, those items will be ready for pick-up at the store.
  • You can download a free iPhone app which makes shopping a snap!
  • Lowe’s customers can create personalized online accounts to facilitate their shopping experiences, track sales and items, and organize projects.
  • Lowe’s Facebook page provides a steady stream of deals and ideas to more than 653,000 fans.
  • Lowe’s has earned nine consecutive Energy Star Awards from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy, making it one of the most environmentally friendly corporations on record.
  • Lowe’s Toolbox for Education® program offers grant money to schools for improvement of learning environments.
  • Lowe’s partners with Habitat for Humanity®, Habitat’s Women Build®, and Rebuilding Together® to help provide housing and shelter for deserving families in need.
  • Lowe’s deals exclusively with vendors who meet its own rigorous ethical standards, including such provisions as bars against child labor or convict labor.

17 Responses to Lowe’s Application

  • Leonard Rose says:

    I was a manager for a building supply store in Rockledge,fl. for 18 years,I then went into safety andcovered the state in training and safety of all our equipment including trucks,piggy-backs,fork-lifts and coveyor trucks. I also did the building inspections for our yards, On occasions I also drove our tractor trailor, to make deliveries, or make an emergency pick-up out of state.

  • Mark Anthony Riggi says:

    I was warehouse manger for a electrical contractor for 20 years.The job consist of answering the phone,taking down orders putting the order together and shipping them to the job sites. Other than that driving the forklft to unload or load trucks or trailers of pipe,pallets,reels of wire and hardware. I also did general maintenance on forklft and trucks also tools and worked on cleaning the warehouse and stocking it with material. I also called electrical distribution centers and hardware stores for materials,prices and backorders for stocking the warehouse or for the job sites. And many other odd jobs, what ever it takes to get the warehouse or job sites done.

  • Josh Coghlan says:

    I have worked in construction for twelve years now. I have worked with plumbing, welding, electrical, heavy equipment and etc. I had to learn these trades to get the jobs done . I have worked on many different jobs sites from commercial to residential.

  • theron gregson says:

    I have worked construction for 14 years until I got laidoff and I am ready to go to work somewhere.

  • donaldpass says:

    I have worked for 30 yrs in construction and able to operate all types of equiptment from forklifts to crains of all kinds …been laid off to long I have also worked in warehouses, loading material on and off trucks and also managed warehouse of shipping and receiving.

  • lisa morgan says:

    I have worked all my life in construction, plumbing, heating, and service as a property manager. I also worked as a construction supervisor which not only required pricing materials, but also designing baths and kitchens from floor tiles to cabinets and woodwork trim designs to color coordinating. It also required me to be involved in closet design and indoor gyms, wine cellars, bars and any other outdoor patio grill, stone wall designs and the landscape, pillar, and underground wiring. Finally I had experience with water and propane requirements as well as the heating for gas, oil, propane electrical outdoor and indoor electrical design and underground requirements as well as all inspection requirements from ground to co. inspections for both interior to exterior. These included pool, generator, tennis courts etc. additional outdoor sheds, pool houses, driveway stone and asphalt work. I have worked as a construction supervisor as well as hands on repairs when necessary.

  • terri davis says:

    cashier experience

  • Bob w Gibbs says:

    I’m looking for a job in one of location, Albany,Troy, or Schenectady. If you have a position available as a Stock/Deliverydriver, Please call me this number 518-229-6524 or 518-505-7077 or please me an application to my resident, at 400 Hudson Ave Albany N.Y. Zip: 12203 Apt# 312. Thank You for Your Respect and Your Concerns.

  • john shepard iv says:

    im a highly motivated 43 yr old male looking to provide the best customer assitants,im vary educated in the fieled of home repairs,i have had the oppertunity to redo my own home as well as others with top notch craftsmans ship.im loking to a challange and ready able and willing to further my skills working for your company.thank you John shepard iv.please send me a reply so i now you recived all my info.

  • Tony Perez says:

    For most of my career I worked for some of the largest law firms in the United States. I’ve controlled budgets ranging from one million to eight million dollars a year. My primary responsibilities were in the office services division. For instance, copy print network, Mail-room supervisory and functions, Warehouse supply and inventory, office facilities, building maintenance and hospitality services. Basically, I have put strong emphasis on customer service. My strengths are many with very few if any weakness. In addition, I have great knowledge in dealing with various contractors.

  • Nancy Vender says:

    I have been a house painter of 26 years. At this time i am currently laid off. I have 1 year of small business management schooling, also 1 year of paralegal schooling. I’m not adverse to learning new techniques, or trades.I have a high level skill of caregiving, as i took care of a family member for four years who became a quadrapeligic after an accident. I am a compassionate and patient person. I feel I would be a great asset to the lowe’s work force, and i believe i could learn alot from the lowe’s work force. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  • markfeinstein says:

    I have been in the commercial building industry since 1990 have experience welding plumbing electrical building materials landscaping

  • Jennifer Robinson says:

    I haven’t worked at Lowe’s yet, but I,m hoping too. My husband and I have done a lot of buying at Lowe’s.

  • FrankCarrillo says:

    To the members of lowes careers.com I Am looking forword for your reponse thank you for concern.

  • Larry Jordan says:


  • Zane Foland says:

    I been in retail sales for 16 years. I was a salesman for a John Deere dealership in Fishers In. I also have experience in construction as well.

  • bruce asbill says:

    im looking for a job with lowes home improvement center in clovis n.m. selling paint tools or construction materials. i could go by the clovis store and drop off my resume. please email me with a responce. thank you

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