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Meijer Job Application Online

Begun as a supermarket opened by a Dutch immigrant during the Great Depression, Meijer has grown to a chain of superstores operating almost 200 supercenters in the Midwest and employing thousands of workers.  The corporation offers potential employees the ease of completing and turning in a Meijer job application online from the “Careers” link featured on its website.  With leadership opportunities as well as entry-level and internships, and a wide variety of specialty departments, Meijer provides the perfect hunting ground for a job that will suit your skills and experience.

Meijer Jobs Available

The Careers area of the Meijer website provides resources for applicants who wish to submit a Meijer online application, as well as a searchable list of the jobs which are currently in need of applicants.  The company offers positions in all of its departments on the sales floor (including floral, housewares, grocery, furniture, home improvement, toys, jewelry, clothing and fashion, sporting goods, and electronics departments), pharmacy, distributors and stockers, and clerical and office support, as well as management positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Meijer

The minimum age varies depending on the job for which you’re considering applying.  Positions such as baggers are open to applicants as young as fifteen, while specialized positions such as pharmacy technician require adult employees of at least eighteen years of age.

Meijer Store Hours

Most Meijer stores remain open 24 hours a day for most days of the year.  To confirm the operating hours of the supercenters near you, you can check the “Your Store” tab at the head of the company’s website.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Meijer

  • The Meijer website itself considerately offers online videos with tips for compiling your resume, completing your Meijer application form, and shining in your interview.  Take advantage of these resources that are specifically tailored to Meijer applicants.
  • The Career section of the Meijer website provides searchable lists of jobs in different categories, including “Hourly Professional,” “Internship and Entry-Level,” and “Leadership Opportunities.”  Peruse the options to see what jobs you’re best suited to apply for.
  • Before submitting a Meijer online application for employment, double-check your entire application to catch any errors and ensure that you’ve given all the information asked for on the application.
  • You are more than welcome to turn in applications for multiple positions that you’re qualified to fill.  That tactic helps your chances of getting matched with the right available position for you.

Most Common Positions At Meijer & Income Information

Compensation for work at Meijer ranges from the minimum-wage jobs like bagger and cashier to the salaried options of store management.  The company hires sales associates in all of its various departments, including floral, housewares, grocery, furniture, home improvement, toys, jewelry, clothing and fashion, sporting goods, electronics and pharmacy.  In addition to the sales-floor positions for which you can submit a Meijer application, the company also hires management personnel, distributors and stockers, and clerical and office support.

Meijer Benefits

Meijer’s corporate philosophy embraces the idea of providing thoroughly for the health and wellness of its employees.  To that end, eligible employees receive benefits in health care and prescription services, life insurance, retirement options, vacation for pay, discounted shopping, and even assistance programs with adoption and other specialized areas.  A career path at Meijer, beginning now with your Meijer job application, can ensure the well-being of your family for the foreseeable future.


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