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Nordstrom Job Application Online

Nordstrom began as a shoe store founded by a Swedish immigrant in 1901.  The chain of upscale department stores now spans the country and employs thousands of workers.  Nordstrom stores can now be found as anchor stores at many upscale malls and shopping centers around the country.  To become a part of the Nordstrom team with its proud history of more than a century of service, you can submit a Nordstrom online application for employment from the Careers area of the Nordstrom website online.

Nordstrom Jobs Available

As the career center details for you, opportunities abound in a number of Nordstrom venues.  You can fill out a Nordstrom job application form for sales clerk positions in the various departments of the store, transportation or distribution work on the supply chain, jobs in the outlet market, or management positions administering individual stores, departments, distribution centers, or regional areas.  Whether you qualify for a sales position or a management job to begin with, your employment with Nordstrom can put you in a position to advance within the company and forge your own career path.

Minimum Employment Age At Nordstrom

To turn in a Nordstrom application form you need to be at least sixteen years old.

Nordstrom Store Hours

You can look up the store hours for individual Nordstrom locations by searching on the “Our Stores” link at the top of the website, and determine the specific hours of locations nearest you.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Nordstrom

  • A first step toward your Nordstrom job application is completing an online profile in the online “Careers” area of the company’s website.  This profile is an excellent tool for presenting yourself and providing a point of reference for those hiring supervisors who will be making decisions about whose applications to accept for the advertised position openings.
  • You can search the website for current job openings in any areas of interest, and submit your Nordstrom online application for all those positions you are capable of filling.  Applying for multiple jobs increases your chances of being matched with one that best suits your skills.
  • Edit and proof your Nordstrom job application online before sending it in, taking into consideration the complete and thorough information you want to provide, as well as presentation of yourself, which includes proper grammar and spelling.  Before the Neiman Marcus Human Resources department gets to meet you in person, you’ll make your first impression with your application.

Most Common Positions At Nordstrom & Income Information

Jobs with Nordstrom start with minimum-wage hourly work and extend to salaried positions in the tiers of management.  In the stores themselves, sales associates are needed in the many departments, including fine jewelry, handbags and accessories, beauty and cosmetics, shoes, menswear, infants, juniors, and designer collections.  The organization also uses the services of truckers and transport specialists, stockers, merchandisers, marketing specialists, accountants, administrative assistants, advertising designers, cleaning and maintenance crews, as well as salaried managers of distribution centers, stores, and departments.

Nordstrom Benefits

Nordstrom employees who are eligible for benefits can profit from insurance for vision services, dental, and health insurance, medical flexible spending accounts, vacation and leave with pay, retirement and stock options, credit union for employees, and a merchandise discount within the Nordstrom stores.  A Nordstrom application sets you on the way to enjoying the benefits of a Nordstrom career.


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