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Palais Royal Job Application Online

In 1921 a small department store opened in Shreveport under the grand name of Palais Royal; nearly a century later this chain of affordable department stores has spread across Texas and Louisiana and employs hundreds of people. The store serves families with a variety of brands and products offered at affordable prices accessible to all shoppers.  To join the ranks of satisfied employees, you have the easy option of submitting a Palais Royal online application for employment.

Palais Royal Jobs Available

With its chain of department stores, Palais Royal employs sales associates for its several departments, beauty advisors and cosmetic specialists, management positions, and jobs within the corporate offices.  Specific job openings man include sales associates, stockers, merchandisers, drivers, department and store managers, accountants, clerical assistants, advertising specialists, call center operators, and credit specialists.  To search for the specific openings available at any given time, use the job-search feature on the website, and send in a Palais Royal online application.

Minimum Employment Age At Palais Royal

Palais Royal employs only legal adults, so you can turn in a Palais Royal job application any time after your eighteenth birthday.

Palais Royal Store Hours

Palais Royal stores are open from 10am to 8pm on Monday through Wednesday; from 10am to 9pm on Thursday through Saturday; and from 11am to 6pm on Sunday.  

Important Tips To Apply Online With Palais Royal

  • Your Palais Royal application form is your first chance to make an impact and impression on the people who will be making hiring decisions.  Make sure the application itself is completed with thoroughness and accuracy, paying attention to spelling and grammar, and providing all the details required by the form.
  • Do your research before sending in a Palais Royal job application online; read about the company, the stores themselves, the products and services offered, and the employee expectations of the corporation.  Being able to present yourself as an informed and knowledgeable candidate will give you an edge when it comes to securing the job you’re applying for.
  • You are welcome to submit applications for multiple jobs if you find multiple openings for which you’re qualified.  This boosts your chance of success at securing a position, and gives the Palais Royal Company the option of putting you to work where you’ll be most valuable.

Most Common Positions At Palais Royal & Income Information

Palais Royal needs sales associates for its assortment of departments, including women’s clothing, juniors and infants, menswear, handbags and accessories, fragrance and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, and housewares.  Managers are needed to supervise these individual departments, as well as the stores themselves.  The supply chain and distribution centers need stockers, merchandisers, drivers, and managers; and the headquarters need accountants, clerical assistance, advertising specialists, call center operators, credit specialists, and of course managers.  Compensation ranges from the hourly minimum to salaries positions, and once you turn in your Palais Royal job application form, you can look forward to career advancement within the company as you gain experience and familiarity with the corporation.

Palais Royal Benefits

Eligible employees of Palais Royal can profit from group dental and medical plans, life insurance, tuition reimbursement, 401K savings plan, paid vacation days, and flexible spending accounts for medical expenses.  Turn in your Palais Royal application to enjoy the pay and benefits of becoming a Palais Royal employee.

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