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P.C. Richard and Son Application – Apply Online At P.C. Richard and Son Today

P.C. Richard and Son Job Application Online

From its origin as a hardware store opened in 1909 by a Dutch Immigrant, P.C. Richard and Son has matured into a sizeable chain of electronics stores in the United States eastern states.  Now featuring everything from vacuums to GPS and navigational devices, computer hardware and software, televisions and camera equipment, and video games, the chain has come a long way from its first electric appliance, which was an electronic iron early in the last century.  The company needs to fill positions in its spread of stores, and you can find your place there by sending a P.C. Richard and Son online application for employment directly from the company’s website.  Join a team with over three thousand employees and more than a century of quality customer service.

P.C. Richard and Son Jobs Available

The P.C. Richard and Son team includes specialists in computer and electronics maintenance, sales associates on the sixty-plus sales floors, call center operators, workers in distribution and stocking, and management positions overseeing different areas of operation.  Whatever your particular skill set or specialization, a P.C. Richard and Son job application can put you in one of these jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At P.C. Richard and Son

P.C. Richard and Son offer employment only to adults; you may send in a P.C. Richard and Son application forms if you are eighteen or older.

P.C. Richard and Son Store Hours

With the provided tool of the “Store Locator” button at the top right-hand corner of the website, you can search for the stores nearest you and determine what their actual operating hours will be throughout the week.

Important Tips To Apply Online With P.C. Richard and Son

  • Begin your P.C. Richard and Son online application process by registering to create an online profile with the company.  This serves as your own “marketing” tool in selling yourself to the Human Resources department.
  • The Career area of the website allows you to search and discover the particular jobs that are currently available, and also allows you to submit a P.C. Richard and Son job application form directly from the website.
  • Take the time to complete the application thoroughly and accurately.  Include all the information about yourself (education, experience, training, and special skills) that might be pertinent to the positions you’re applying for.  Make sure the application is error-free and detailed before you send it in.

Most Common Positions At P.C. Richard and Son & Income Information

Because of the nature of its business, P.C. Richard and Son necessarily provide employment for workers with a wide range of skills.  These include call center operators, graphic designers, website developers, service technicians, drivers, accountants, inventory and stocking specialists, data entry clerks, and sales associates who work hourly or on commission. Submitting a P.C. Richard and Son job application online for any of these jobs puts you in the position of being able to advance within the company.

P.C. Richard and Son Benefits

For employees who work more than thirty-five hours per week, benefits include health coverage for employees and their families.  Both full-time and part-time employees may enroll in retirement plans and life insurance, and for employees working at least thirty hours per week, paid vacation and leave days are options.  Sending a P.C. Richard and Son application is your first step to securing a job with the company.

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