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Peebles Job Application Online

The first Peebles store opened in Virginia in 1891, the beginning business of one W.S. Peebles.  In its 120 years of business, the Peebles chain has expanded to serve markets in the United States southern and Midwestern states, now under the management of the Palais Royal Company.  With more than thirteen thousand employees, and new stores slated to open even in the face of economic recession, now is a great time to secure a spot by sending in your Peebles job application online.  From the foot of the website, click the “Career Search” option to find out about the various job openings and benefits for employees.  Directly from the web page, you can complete and submit a Peebles online application for employment to get started on a profitable career path.

Peebles Jobs Available

Peebles needs sales people to fill associate positions in its many departments, including women’s’ clothing, menswear, juniors and infants, shoes, accessories & handbags, home and gift items, and jewelry & watches.  Additionally, there are management positions overseeing the departments and the stores, and jobs with the corporate offices.  Support staff includes accountants, clerical staff, marketing specialists, and workers at distribution centers.

Minimum Employment Age At Peebles

Peebles hires adults only; if you have reached the legal age of eighteen, you are eligible to fill out a Peebles job application form.

Peebles Store Hours

The “Store Locator” button along the upper edge of the website allows you to find the addresses and store hours of the Peebles businesses nearest to your location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Peebles

  • Bring to bear all of your own experience, knowledge, and education to set you up for a successful Peebles job application.  Include any relevant information about your background that will help the hiring team decide that you’re a good fit for the position.
  • It may sound cliché, but it’s true that first impressions matter.  In this case your Peebles application form is how you will be making that first impression, so take care with its content and presentation.  Check for accurate spelling, complete answers to the required questions, and positive presentation overall.
  • Increase your chances of scoring a job position with your Peebles online application by applying for more than one job.  Use the job-search feature to determine all of the jobs you qualify to perform, and don’t be shy about applying for more than one of them.

Most Common Positions At Peebles & Income Information

Sales associates working the sales floor in the store’s various departments may start with minimum-wage pay by the hour, while professional supervisory positions draw a salary for their work in overseeing individual areas of operation within the company.  Hourly jobs include sales associates in the various departments (women’s’ clothing, menswear, juniors and infants, shoes, accessories & handbags, home and gift items, and jewelry & watches), accountants, clerical staff, marketing specialists, and workers at distribution centers.  Salaried managers supervise the departments and the stores, and areas of operation within the corporate offices.

Peebles Benefits

Qualifying employees of Peebles stores enjoy paid vacation (in addition to company-wide holidays and a personal annual holiday for each employee), insurance for life and health coverage, 401K savings and tax-sheltered medical spending accounts, and tuition reimbursement for employees advancing their educations. Enjoy these benefits and more by filling out a Peebles application today!


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