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 Sears Job Application Online

If you’re interested in a career with Sears, it’s perfectly easy to gather all the information you need and even fill out your Sears application online.  Open the Sears website and scroll to the bottom, where you can click on the category “About Sears” and select “Careers at Sears.”  The online career center features information about different types of jobs, college programs, and military programs.  You can look for open jobs with the available search bar, and click to apply for jobs in any category. The Sears online application can be accessed with your Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn profile.

Minimum Employment Age At Sears

Applicants need to be at least sixteen to work for Sears. If you are sixteen or older, you’re eligible to submit a Sears job application online. Prospective employees who first apply to work at Sears may begin at an entry-level sales position, but the corporation offers a myriad of professional opportunities as a worker gains experience.

Sears Store Hours

Hours of operation may vary from one location to another; you can use the “Store Locator” link at the top of the Sears website to search for stores in your area and determine the hours for specific stores.  A number of the jobs for which you might be submitting a Sears job application (such as positions at distribution centers, auto centers, and headquarters,) might involve working-hours outside of the store hours.

Important Tips When Applying At Sears

  • The Sears careers application can be found under “Careers at Sears” after you click the “About Sears” bar at the bottom of the website.
  • You can search among the available entry-level/hourly positions or the professional/salaried jobs.
  • Look through the listed job opportunities, and think objectively which jobs you would be able to do well.
  • There’s lots of reading material on the website; get familiar with the Sears Company and the services and products they offer.  The more you know about the company, the better you can tailor your Sears application.
  • After reading about all the possible jobs, fill out a Sears job application form online for the job (or jobs!) that you’re best qualified for.
  • Make sure you include all of the information asked for on the Sears online job application, and give them all the information they would need to contact you and hire you.
  • Take a moment to list all the facts about yourself that would be relevant to your Sears employment application, and include all the information like job experience and education.
  • Double-check your Sears applications for any errors or incomplete information.  Make sure it looks as professional and complete as possible before you submit.

Most Common Positions At Sears & Income Information

Sears applicants can look for opportunities in a variety of venues:

  • Store positions.  Sears department stores feature power tools, home appliances, clothing, linens, and household goods.  Salespeople may work for simple hourly pay, or with the additional possibility of earning commissions, depending on the department.
  • Distribution centers and supply chain.  There’s a whole network of support behind the Sears stores themselves, employing people for logistical support and transportation of goods.
  • Auto centers.  Many Sears stores provide automotive services, for which an applicant with a mechanical background would be well suited.
  • Home Services.  Sears provides warranty, repairs and servicing for the home appliances sold in the stores.  Service technicians and repair specialists can look for positions in this department.
  • Corporate Headquarters.  Experienced professionals fill the management, marketing, and corporate positions at national and regional levels for the Sears Corporation.

The job searches available on the website show both hourly positions (beginning at minimum wage) and salaried opportunities for experienced professionals.

Sears Benefits

Submitting your Sears application form is a step toward enjoying the benefits offered to Sears employees.  These include health insurance (dental, vision, and flexible healthcare account), life and disability insurance, discounts on Sears products and services, paid vacation hours, and retirement benefits.

Helpful Things To Know About Sears

The Sears Company makes commitments to involvement in the community, and commitments to embracing diversity.  Your Sears application form will be considered without regard to your race or background.  As you complete your application for Sears, you can feel confident you’re trusting your professional life to a company that has been caring for employees for more than a century.

Sears History And Trivia

  • The original name of Sears was Sears and Roebuck.
  • The Sears business began in the 1880s, with railroad agent Richard Sears making watches as a second job.  He hired another watchmaker, by the name of Alvah Roebuck, to work with him, and the company was born in 1886.
  • Sears & Roebuck started producing catalogs in 1888, beginning with watches and quickly expanding to include a wider variety of products available through mail-order.
  • In 1913 Sears & Roebuck introduced the Kenmore® line of appliances, which are still respected today as reliable home appliances.  The very first Kenmore® appliance was a sewing machine, which was followed in ensuing decades by vacuums, washing machines, and eventually the full range of appliances available in today’s Sears stores.
  • In 1925 the company began to operate retail stores, offering the opportunity for in-store shopping as well as the shopping-by mail experience provided by its catalogs.
  • In 1927 Sears & Roebuck added the Craftsman® line of tools.  In early days these were hand tools, but the brand now offers a variety of power tools with a lifetime guarantee.
  • In the 1970s the Sears Tower was built in Chicago and the Sears Company moved its headquarters into the building.  At the time of its construction (and for more than two decades afterward) the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world.
  • Sears is committed to environmental sustainability, and many of its Kenmore® appliances meet the toughest energy-efficiency standards.
  • Sears has been an Energy Star® partner since 1998, and has recently won the Energy Star® Retail Partner of the Year award for consecutive years.

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