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Shopko Job Application Online

Although there is no general, printable Shopko job application form that you can print from the Shopko website, you can apply for a variety of positions and go through the Shopko online application process through their official career website (link). Still, it is best to apply in person whenever possible.

Shopko Jobs Available

Shopko has full time and part time positions available in a number of different areas. Additionally, Shopko offers seasonal positions in some locations.  For both seasonal and general part time and full time employment, you should complete the Shopko job application online.

Some of the positions at Shopko that are available include:
Sales Associate
Store Supervisors & Teammates
Store Loss Prevention Supervisor/Investigator
Store Retail Management (Store Manager/Department Manager)
Pharmacy Technician
Optician (Store Optical Center)
Distribution Center Supervisors & Teammates
Store Regional/District Manager
Store Optical Center Management
Store Loss Prevention Management
Distribution Center Management & Truck Drivers
Optical Manufacturing Lab (Management & Teammates)
Rxcare (Office & Pharmacy Technicians)
Corporate/General Office
Pharmacy Internship (Pharmacy Students)
Optometrist (Doctor of Optometry)

Minimum Employment Age At Shopko

You must be a minimum of sixteen (16) years of age to complete the Shopko job application online and secure employment at any Shopko location.

Shopko Store Hours

Shopko retail store hours vary by location and services provided.  Many stores employ general business hours of Sun 9A – 9P, M-F 8A – 9P, Sat 8A – 9P Shopko is generally open on all holidays but may have limited hours. Hours for positions at Corporate or General Offices and Distribution Centers will likely be different than retail stores.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Shopko

Shopko currently employs over 16,000 people and is adding to that as they expand into new markets. Shopko, known for their health care presence, pharmacy, optical and sales of a wide range of items, including apparel, furniture, jewelry, footwear, electronics, and beauty care products has many opportunities for employment from entry-level positions to upper-level management careers through the Shopko online application.

Shopko aggressively seeks talented, resourceful, customer-centric people who like to take on new challenges and push themselves to grow and learn.  Shopko encourages people to complete a Shopko application form online through their website (link).  Positions change frequently and searching their online listing will help inform you of openings and jobs that are located close to where you live.  If you decide to go through Shopko’s online application process, we still encourage you to apply in person. Not sure why applying in person is so important? Do you want to find out the best ways to apply online?  For these and other tips, go here to read get our free tips on getting hired and making a favorable impression.

While there are any number of opportunities available at Shopko (see above), Shopko offers a great deal of entry level employment. Many people find that being part of the Shopko family can be a great first time job or a great part time job.  Some entry level positions at Shopko include cashier, sales associate and merchandise stocker.

Be certain to fill out your Shopko application form thoroughly. It is very important to make sure that all fields are filled out and your Shopko application is free from errors or missing information. Companies like Shopko receive many applications online and are unlikely to contact you if you made significant errors on your Shopko online application for employment.

This is especially true when if you apply for Shopko jobs in a supervisory or managerial but it is always a plus if you are careful and thorough.  If you already have retail experience and bring strong skills to the table, Shopko could be a great opportunity for you. Shopko has a strong reputation for grooming great people for advancement from within the organization. This being the case, a career at Shopko is likely to lead to opportunities for advancement for motivated individuals.

One last piece of advice, Shopko’s online application employs technology that automatically saves some answers you give on your application and these cannot be changed once answered.   When filling out a Shopko application form online, make sure to carefully and thoughtfully answer each section. To learn how to greatly increase your odds of being hired at Shopko read the free 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At Shopko & Income Information

With over 16,000 employees nationwide, Shopko has a great deal of opportunities. Take a look at all of the positions available today and get ready to put your talents and experience to work in the exciting and energetic world of retail.

Here are some of the most common positions available for immediate employment and the typical wage you can expect to make in the individual positions.  To apply for these and other positions, please visit the company’s career listings where you can complete a Shopko job application form.

Shopko Cashier: Shopko cashiers can expect to earn around $8 per hour starting wage when hired. If you have had cashier experience before, you will likely require less training and may start slightly higher. If you do not have experience, Shopko does provide training to all new employees. Obviously as a cashier you will be expected to have good people skills, communication, and basic math and register skills.

Shopko Customer Service and Returns:  Shopko offers any number of services and goods and knowledgeable customer service reps must be on-hand to answer customer questions, deal with any disputes and handle returns. Customer Service employees are also expected to have well-honed customer service skills and solid cashier skills. Customer service employees will likely start at about $8 an hour depending on location.

Shopko Sales Associate: If you have ever been to Shopko, or you have done your homework, you have probably seen one of the dozens of sales associates responsible for answering questions on where to find products, product types and other questions. In addition to helping people locate what they are looking for, as a Shopko Sales Associate you will also be responsible for organizing displays, labeling and stocking product. A Shopko jobs application as a sales associate would land you a position paying about $8-$10 per hour to start.  You are likely to start on the higher end if you have previous retail experience.

Shopko Management: Shopko management can make anywhere between $30,000 and $60,000 per year. There are many varieties of management positions at Shopko, including assistant store manager, store manager, apparel manager, general merchandise manager and department supervisor. To apply for a Shopko management position, you need to fill out a management application at Shopko’s online employment application.

Shopko’s Pharmacy Technicians can start somewhere between $8-$15 per hour depending on location and responsibilities.

Shopko’s Opticians generally make $8-$14 per hour depending on qualifying job experience.

Shopko Benefits

Shopko understands that a quality employee benefits package is fundamentally important to their teammates. Shopko is committed to providing a complete benefits package and work environment that fosters success.

  • Medical (including HSA account), Dental and Vision Insurance
  • 401(k) Plan plus Company Match
  • Life, Dependent, Short & Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Teammate Discount & Appreciation Sales
  • Educational Reimbursement Programs
  • Service recognition awards
  • Paid Time Off Benefits: Vacation, Holiday Pay
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Competitive Wages

Helpful Things To Know About Shopko

It important to get to know the company you wish to work for. Knowing specific details about a company can help you make a strong first impression in an interview. It is a challenging job market and anything that positively sets you apart from the other applicants will increase your chances of getting hired.  Opportunities may come up during the Shopko job application online or in the screening process where you can show your prospective employer that you did your homework. This and other tips will put you ahead of other job applicants and help you secure the position that fits your strengths. To learn more “Secrets” to getting the job you want, please see our free report.

Shopko has many departments and services within its stores. Knowing the basics of these might give you an advantage.  Shopko’s special services include:


Shopko’s “My Vision” Optical Center:  Shopko’s vision center provides quality, family eye care.  Shopko offers many vision products, including regular lenses, frames and contact lenses for both children and adults. Shopko offers fashion forward eyewear brands for less.

Shopko’s Fast Care walk-in clinics and Prescription Center provides basic medical care for people eighteen months or older and convenient prescriptions.

Many locations have a separately branded Payless Shoe Source that rents space within Shopko locations.  The Payless/Shopko associates handle only that area and dress differently so that customers may direct their product specific questions to them.

If you’d like to improve your chances by 85% over your competition of being hired at Shopko or other companies in the department store industry we recommend you read 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.

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