Sleep Country is Canada’s ultimate choice when it comes to mattresses, bed linen, pillows and anything else you may need to make your sleep time a pleasurable one. Sleep Country is known for having the best selection of beddings, and mattresses. It stocks major brands as well as the best quality in the market. They are the only place you will find Tempur-Pedic, Simmons, iComfort, Sealy, Kingsdown and Serta beds in Canada. If you thought that their prices are outrageous you are right but this is only because they have unbeatable prices. They offer the best value to clients. If you are searching for an opportunity to get into this organization, head onto Sleep Country online application for employment.

 Sleep Country Jobs Available

A career at Sleep Country is one that you will not regret. Sleep Country is a good employer and with over 145 stores in Canada, you can bet that you will not be left behind with their growth. You can get a Sleep Country application form on their careers page.

Minimum Employment Age at Sleep Country

Sleep Country job application online follows minimum age guidelines and different jobs have different age limits.

Sleep Country Store Hours

You can find a store near you using the store locator on Sleep Country’s main site.

Important Tips to Apply Online with Sleep Country

  • Sleep Country online application is easily available on their careers page. You will need to select a job that interests you and one that you are qualified for in order to begin their application process. You can view details of the job before applying for it.
  •  Click on ‘apply’ to start your application. The Sleep Country job application form requires that you upload a cover letter and resume. You will also need to fill in some personal information and this includes your name, mobile number and phone.
  • You can follow up on your application in person after you have completed your online application but be careful not to bombard the hiring manager with questions. Simply introduce yourself and express interest in the position.

Most Common Positions at Sleep Country & Income Information

When it comes to jobs, Sleep Country has hundreds you can apply for. Their jobs page lists current openings by job title, location, type of job whether it is a full time position or part time. You will also see the positions available, start date and end date application date as well. As mentioned earlier the Sleep Country job application form requires that you upload a cover letter and your resume as well so prepare these in advance. You can find the application form besides the job posting.

Sleep Country Benefits

Sleep Country values its employees and therefore strives to ensure that job satisfaction is at an utmost high. Sleep Country offers its employees good remuneration packages and their compensation is highly competitive. Employees get commissions and bonuses as well. Other benefits you can gain as an employee in the company includes: dental and health insurance which comes in handy especially of you have a family. There is also a retirement plan, ESOP also known as employee stock ownership and discounts for employees as well. You too can get all these but you need to take the first step by going to the careers page to fill the Sleep Country application.


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