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T.J.Maxx Application – Apply Online At T.J.Maxx Today

T.J.Maxx Job Application Online

Submitting a T.J.Maxx job application can open the door to the new, exciting career you want. T.J.Maxx is a stable, worldwide brand that is regularly well ranked in business reviews. They deliver designer clothing and accessories for a low price via buying over stock. Both the size and the type of business allows for a wide range of careers to be had at T.J.Maxx.

T.J.Maxx Jobs Available

Positions are available at both the retail and corporate level of the company. T.J.Maxx employs over 160,000 people. Most of these work at the store level as sales associates, managers, and loss prevention officers. All are essential to ensuring the store runs smoothly.

A unique position to keep in mind while filling out your T.J.Maxx job application form is a buyer position. Buyers are essential to T.J.Maxx as it is their job to find and negotiate low cost merchandise for the store to sell. They interact with other department stores to buy overstock.

In addition to store employees, there are corporate positions available at TJX Companies, Inc. based in Framingham, MA. This company owns not only T.J.Maxx but also Marshalls, Good Home, and several other companies worldwide. Corporate positions range widely as they include everything required to run a business. Information technology, administration, security, marketing, graphic design, and finance are just some of the possibilities. No matter what level of employment you are looking for, it all begins with a T.J.Maxx application form.

You can print out the T.J.Maxx Application Form Here: T.J.Maxx Application

Minimum Employment Age At T.J.Maxx

The minimum employment age is 16.

T.J.Maxx Store Hours

Monday through Saturday: 9:30am to 9:30pm

Sunday: 11:00am to 8:00pm

Important Tips To Apply Online With T.J.Maxx

T.J.Maxx is owned by TJX Companies, Inc. A T.J.Maxx online application for employment can be filled out on their website. Be sure when you fill out your T.J.Maxx job application online to do so accurately and completely. Carefully reread all the information you have included and correct any typos or errors.

Alternatively, a T.J.Maxx application can be printed from their website’s career page. This form can then be filled out and brought to your nearest T.J.Maxx location. Whether you complete a T.J.Maxx online application or print one, we recommend applying to T.J.Maxx in person. Your name will stand out to those doing the hiring if they have met and spoke with you. Be sure to dress well and be polite, as you want your name to stand out for being a good candidate and not for wearing a stained shirt to meet a potential employer.

Most Common Positions At T.J.Maxx & Income Information

Retail sales positions are the most common forms of employment at T.J.Maxx.  Sales associates can expect to make between $7.00 and $8.00 hourly, while managers make between $36,000-$74,000 depending on if they are assistant manager or a manager with more responsibilities.

Corporate wages vary from field to field. These positions are often salary based, and are likely competitive to other standard salaries in the field.

T.J.Maxx Application

T.J.Maxx Benefits

Medical, dental, life, auto, and home insurance are all offered to eligible T.J.Maxx employees. In addition to this, education savings and scholarships are available. 401Ks are offered, as is paid vacation, sick time, and holidays. Store discounts are also given to all store associates.

Corporate benefits include all of the above, as well as other perks. Headquarters is home to many useful amenities such as on-site day care, fitness rooms, dry cleaning, as well as the opportunity to join work extracurricular activities such as a softball and volleyball team.

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