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Von Maur Job Application Online

Von Maur is an upscale specialty department store found in shopping malls in ten states, and is rapidly expanding its market. Their twenty-five stores sell clothing and accessories. Filling out a Von Maur job application is a great idea for those who want to work in retail with high expectations and an upscale atmosphere. This store is known for its lavish store setting that includes features such as furniture for customers, carpeted floors, and a pianist playing during regular store hours. Additionally, they offer free wrapping services and an interest-free credit card.

Von Maur Jobs Available

Jobs available at Von Maur are similar to other retail outlets, and include sales associates who assist customers and run cash registers, managers who are in charge of ensuring the smooth operation of their department or store, and loss prevention personnel to prevent shoplifting. A Von Maur online application for employment can also be filled out for specialized positions that are unique to the store, such as cosmetics sales to sell makeup, alterations associates to tailor clothing for customers, gift wrap associates to deliver the free wrapping service available, and musicians to play the piano featured in the stores.

Other types of positions include out of store work, such as dock workers, truck drivers, web designers, E-commerce associates, and corporate positions such as Information Technology and merchandisers. All are located at company headquarters in Davenport, Iowa.

Minimum Employment Age At Von Maur

The minimum employment age is 16.

Von Maur Store Hours

Monday through Saturday 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday: 11:00 am to 6:00pm

 These hours may vary depending on the location of the individual store.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Von Maur

When filling out a Von Maur job application online, it is important to be thorough in answering the required fields as completely and as correctly as possible. Typos and errors on your Von Maur application form will leave a bad impression, and  an employer will likely skip over your application. Make sure to proofread, and do not let such little errors cost you a job, and a potential employer the chance to find a great employee.

As always, we recommend applying in person as well as filling out a Von Maur online application. If possible, meet with the person responsible for hiring and introduce yourself. Having an employer be able to match a face with a particular name will make your Von Maur application stand out from the rest. However, to ensure your application stands out for good reasons, be sure to be prepared when meeting the hiring manager. Since this store is upscale, be sure to dress very well, be polite, and be informed about the position you have applied for on your Von Maur job application form. This will increase your chances of being hired.

Most Common Positions At Von Maur & Income Information

As a retailer, Von Maur’s most commonly hires individuals to assist with customer service and sales. Sales associate positions are therefore numerous. Management positions are also available.

Since sales associates are held to a high standard of performance and dress, they are paid slightly more than average retail sales associates. They can expect to make on average between $10.00 and $11.00 an hour. Specialized sales associates can expect to receive slightly more. Managers may receive hourly pay averaging $13.00 to $18.00 an hour, or be salaried.

Von Maur Benefits

Von Maur offers typical benefits including heath, dental, and vision insurance, 401k plans, vacation and holiday pay, as well as merchandise discount. Von Maur also offers premium pay on Sundays and an employee credit union.


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