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Walmart Job Application Online

Unfortunately, there is no general or specific walmart job application that you can print and fill out online. You can however apply for a Walmart job on their official career website which you can find below. However, as always we advise that to increase your chances of getting hired, it is always best to apply in person when possible.

Walmart Jobs Available

Walmart has full time and part time positions in a variety of areas. Walmart also offers seasonal, both summer and holiday, jobs in certain locations. If you are looking for a seasonal job please inquire directly at the Walmart store.

Some of the positions at Walmart that are available include Greeter, Store Associate, Cashier, Truck Driver, General Customer Service Representative, Bike Assembler, Photo Sales Associate, Tire Sales Associate, Beauty Product Sales, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Optometrist, Electronic Sales Associate, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, Stock Manager, Stock Associate, Money Centers Associate, Housekeeping Associate, Maintenance Associate, Membership Manager, Memberships Customer Service, Returns Associate

Minimum Employment Age At Walmart: 16

Walmart Store Hours

Normal business hours typically for Walmart are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Walmart is generally open on all holidays but may have limited hours on Christmas Day. Shifts at Walmart can include day shift, evening shift, night shift and swing shift.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Walmart

Walmart is currently that largest employer in the world. It is the largest department store chain in the United States.

To simply the process of hiring millions and millions of employees, Walmart encourages people to apply online through their website which you can find here.  However, if you do fill out a walmart application form, we still encourage to apply in person. If you are not sure why applying in person is so important or how best to apply online you can go here to read get our free tips on getting hired and making the right impression.

While there are a variety of positions available at Walmart (see above), Walmart offers an especially great number of entry level job opportunities. Many people find that a job application for walmart can lead to a great first time job or a great part time job. Entry level jobs include cashier, sales associate and stocking positions at Walmart. Many Walmart Greeters are also part time employees with Walmart.

The Walmart online application allows you to apply to various positions which is both convenient and can increase your chances a job quickly if that is what you are looking for.

Make sure that your fill out your walmart application for employment thoroughly. It is always important to make sure that all fields are filled out on the form. Companies like Walmart receive many applications online and therefore it is important to make sure your Walmart application has no errors or omissions.

This is especially true when if you apply for Walmart jobs in a managerial or supervisory position. If you already brings these skills to the table, Walmart could be a great opportunity for you. Walmart has a strong reputation for bringing in people with experience in management. Walmart also has a strong reputation for hiring talent from within, so career advancement is available for the more motivated and career oriented employees at Walmart.

Although there have been some recent legal disputes between certain Walmart employees and Walmart, traditionally Walmart has had a fairly strong relationship with its employees. However, we always advise you to research particular stores in your area if you have any concerns before filling out an application for Walmart.

One last piece of advice: when filling out a Walmart application online make sure to specify the store location you prefer to work at. Many towns and cities have multiple Walmart locations and it is important to specify is there is a specific store you are interested in.  This can avoid any confusion and speed up your application process.

To learn how to greatly increase your odds of being hired at Walmart read the free 7 Secrets To Getting Hired.


Most Common Positions At Walmart & Income Information

Walmart has over 2 million employees worldwide. Needless to say, Walmart is hiring literally 1000’s of employees monthly. Tomorrow one of those 1000’s could be you. Here are some examples of the most common positions available for immediate employment and the income you can expect to make starting out at one of these positions.

Walmart Cashier: Walmart cashiers can expect to earn around $8 starting wage when hired. If you have had cashier experience before, being a cashier at Walmart should be easy. If you do not have experience, Walmart does provide training to all new employees. Obviously as a cashier you will be expected to have good people skills as well as basic math and register skills.

Walmart Customer Service and Returns:  Almost everyone knows that Walmart sells a lot of items everyday to a lot of customers. For this reason customer service reps are necessary to answer customer questions, deal with any disputes and handle returns. Customer Service employees are also expected to have cashier skills. For this reason customer service employees often start at between $8-$12 an hour depending on location.

Walmart Greeter: Filling out a walmart jobs application online  could also lead to a job as a greeter. As a greeter you need very good people skills, like to have a smile on your face and have an upbeat and personal attitude. As a greeter that is all that is required for the most part. For that reason, greeters typically get paid around $8 an hour.

Walmart Sales Associate: If you have ever been to a Walmart department store, you have surely seen one of the dozens of sales associates responsible to answering questions regarding where to find products, product types and other product or in-store questions. In addition to helping people locate what they are looking for, as a Walmart Sales Associate you will also be responsible for organizing displays, answering questions, and labeling and stocking products. A Walmart jobs application as a sales associate would land you a position paying about $8-$10 per hour to start.

Walmart Management: Walmart management can make anywhere between $30,000 to $60,000 per year. There are many varieties of management positions at Walmart,  including assistant store manager, store manager, and department supervisor. To apply for a Walmart management position, you need to fill out a management at Walmart employment application.

Walmart Benefits

Depending on your position of employment, there are many potential perks and benefits offered at Walmart. These perks can include paid work training, a flexible work schedule and competitive department store pay scale.

Other benefits often include free work clothes or uniforms, an employee preferred discount on walmart merchandise and in some cases comprehensive benefits.

Comprehesive benefits at Walmart can include part or full healthcare coverage, insurance against accidents, coverage in case of short or long term worker disability, 401(k) retirement plans, paid personal days, paid vacation, jury duty leave, bereavement leave, and dental, vision and medical drug plans.

Some employees also have the option for life insurance within the company. It is important to note that several of these options may come in the form of a match co-pay from wages or salary if you elect to take them.

A simple Walmart job application form could result in career advancement and the opportunity of stock option and purchasing programs within the company.

Helpful Things To Know About Walmart

We believe it always important to know as much about a company as you can before applying. Knowing special things about a company can help you make a strong positive impression in an interview. This is just one tip among many that can help separate you from other potential job seekers. To learn more “Secrets” to getting hired get our free report.

Walmart has several departments and services within its doors. Knowing about these could give you an advantage.  Walmart’s special services include:

Walmart’s Vision Center:  Walmart’s vision center offers many vision products, including regular lenses, frames and contact lenses for both children and adults. Walmart offers a variety of eyewear products at very affordable prices.

PictureMe! Portrait Studio: Originally called Walmart Protraits, it changed names in 2006 and become PictureMe! Portrait Studio. PictureMe! offers a variety of picture, portrait and photo options for almost any picture need.

Other Services: Other Walmart services often include (depending on location) Walmart automotive, Subway, Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe, and Walmart Pharmacy. Some Walmarts have additional specialty centers and/or eateries for people to enjoy.

Walmart is the most recognized department store in the country.


Walmart History And Trivia

Knowing the history and trivia of a company can often times be more important than people think. Some things you may or may not know about Walmart include the following:

Walmart was originally called Wal-Mart.
Before it was Wal-Mart it was Wal-Mart Discount City.
Wal-Mart Discount City was started in 1962 in Rogers Arkansas by Sam Walton.
Walmart is the largest retail store in the world.
Walmart has approximately 8,000 stores worldwide.
Over 4,000 of those store are in the United States.
Walmart opened it first international store in Mexico City in 1991.
Walmart has stores in 15 countries including India, Costa Rica and Japan
Walmart trades under the public stock ticker WMT.
In 2010, Walmart sold over $415 billion in products.
Created as a Non-Profit Philanthropic organization “The Walmart Foundation” gives millions of dollars to charities. In 2010 this included vicitms of the earthquake in Chili, the earthquake in Haiti and the tsunami in Japan.
Walmart has received numerous awards for its charitable actions and contributions.

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