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Jobs In The Food Industry

Who does not think of food industry jobs and immediately imagine a chef or waiter with a tray of delicious food? This is an industry where you are charged with meeting other people’s palate needs  to ensure repeat customers. Maybe the reason why the image of a chef comes to mind is because they are the backbone of this industry. Food service industry jobs give no room for a bad chef as it means that no one can come to your restaurant. Being a chef is a lovely thing; to be able to come up with different menus on any given day requires a lot of skill.

However chefs are not the only people who are involved in the food sector, there are several other jobs in the food industry. We also have waiters, waitresses, bartender and hostesses. If you are aiming at this industry, you should consider these options: cooking, managing, serving and catering are the lines you can go into.

Like most customer oriented services, this industry has a front office and back office. In front you have the hostess or receptionist, manager, bartender, and server. At the back we get the chef or cook, pastry chef, sous chef, line cook and manager. To apply for these jobs in the food industry, you do not need much experience as these are entry level jobs. If you are looking for managerial vacancies, you should know that they usually require some managerial experience and a college degree, this is most likely with restaurant chains and the food service sector. As well, fast foods restaurants usually promote experienced workers who rise through the ranks. You might find a waiter or waitress rising up the ladder to become an assistant manager or even land a management trainee position.

To become an executive chef, you need more experience than just a college degree. Do not worry though because most restaurants and food service outlets will offer you rigorous on-the-job training and as such you will gain your experience. Food industry jobs are customer oriented and as such how you treat your customers will also go a long way to securing you a promotion.

You should have a willingness to relocate should you consider this industry since with experience; you might be called upon to head a bigger establishment. If you are applying for a management post either in a restaurant or fast food chain, you should have leadership skills, self discipline and initiative. When problems arise, you should be able to solve them without losing your cool; your communication skills should be good so as to easily handle customers and staff.

Managers are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, managers are responsible for tallying the cash at the end of the day or when there is a shift change, they charge receipts and make sure that they balance with the record of sales for the day, they will most likely be charged with depositing the cash at the bank and ensuring its safety. Security of the property is also with the manager in that he has to ensure that all doors are locked up, any electric appliances are off and that the alarm is switched on at the end of each day.

Salaries in these food service industry jobs vary with the position you hold. Entry level positions demand at least minimum wage whereas managers or supervisors get a high hour rate which is usually determined by experience. This also comes with company benefits like pensions. Skilled job seekers can get a higher starting rate than entry level staff. The only thing is that these jobs will need you during holidays or weekends, since that is the time most people find time to come in.

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