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Damon’s Grill Application – Apply Online At Damon’s Grill Today

Damon’s Grill Job Application Online

Damon’s Grill is a casual, sports-themed dining restaurant that features steaks, chicken, seafood, ribs and salad. They provide both quiet dining rooms and “Clubhouses” filled with large screen TVs and interactive games. There are more than 50 Damon’s Grill locations worldwide.They franchise many of their restaurants, meaning that you might have the chance to own one of your own someday if you find that you like the work. A Damon’s Grill online application could lead you into a successful career in the restaurant industry, even if you are only starting at the ground level.

Damon’s Grill Jobs Available

For a Damon’s Grill job such as host, server, cook, dishwasher or busser, visit your local Damon’s Grill for a Damon’s Grill job application form or print one out and take it in. If you’re interested in the manager and training program which will qualify you to become a Damon’s Grill restaurant manager, you can make a Damon’s Grill online application for employment on their primary website. You should have some previous restaurant or management experience.

Minimum Employment Age At Damon’s Grill:

You may fill out a Damon’s Grill job application at only 16 years of age. However, jobs that involve handling alcohol usually require you to be older—18 or 21, according to local laws.

Damon’s Grill Store Hours

Damon’s Grill is open from Monday to Thursday, 11:00am to 11:00pm; Friday and Saturday, 11:00am to 12:00am; and Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Damon’s Grill

You may download a Damon’s Grill application form directly from their website, or here from ours. Fill it out neatly and take it to the Damon’s Grill where you are interested in working. Introduce yourself to the manager and give him or her your application. It’s a good idea to go some time when the restaurant’s not too busy. Be sure to present yourself well—the impression you make really affects your chances of being hired.

If you’re interested in a management position, the way to make a Damon’s Grill job application online is to email your resume to them at the email address listed. Make it a recent resume, and tailor it to reflect your past education or experience that makes you a good candidate for a leadership position. This can include things like being part of a student council, president of a sports team, et cetera. Even if you’re not ready to go into management now, Damon’s Grill provides on going to training to employees who are interested in taking on leadership rolls. A manager position could still be in your future once you get a little experience.

Most Common Positions At Damon’s Grill & Income Information

The majority of positions at Damon’s Grill will involve working in the kitchen or as a part of the wait staff. You can employ a love food and cooking, or a love of people and salesmanship to find a successful career with them. They pay a competitive, industry-standard wage.

Damon’s Grill Benefits

Your Damon’s Grill application could bring you to work in an up-beat, fast-paced environment where you get to stay on your feet and make lots of new people. You may also get benefits like health insurance, retirement and paid time off.

To visit Damon’s Grill website click here.

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