Fado Irish Pub Application

Fado Irish Pub Application – Apply Online At Fado Irish Pub Today

Fado Irish Pub Job Application Online

Fado Irish Pubs aim to honor the culture and food of traditional Irish Pubs, yet with a contemporary twist. They have 13 locations around the country, each one featuring Irish food and drink, traditional Irish décor and European sports on TV. A Fado Irish Pub job application could be just the thing for you if would like that work in that sort of distinctive atmosphere.

Fado Irish Pub Jobs Available

Fado Irish Pub is currently hiring for the positions of server, line cook, prep cook, door host, bartender, manager, kitchen manager and general manager. Many of these are entry level jobs, although experience will always be in your favor. Server and bartender positions each require one year of previous experience. You should have several years previous restaurant experience or some managerial experience to apply for management positions.

Minimum Employment Age At Fado Irish Pub:

You may fill out a Fado Irish Pub online application if you are at least 18 years old. You must be 20 to submit a Fado Irish Pub application for server, and 21 for bartender.

Fado Irish Pub Store Hours

Fado Irish Pub is from Monday to Thursday between 11:00am and 2:00am; Friday and Saturday between 11:00am and 3:00am; and Sunday between 11:00am and 12:00am.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Fado Irish Pub

There is a very simple Fado Irish Pub job application form available online at the website linked below. Simply fill out all the fields and chose the job you’re interesting in apply for. Make sure that there is a Fado Irish Pub located near to you, as they are scattered out over several states.

In addition to filling out the Fado Irish Pub online application for employment, you may consider going by the Fado Irish Pub you wish to work at and introducing yourself to the general manager. Explain your interest in the Pub and make a strong first impression with a warm, courteous manner. It always helps to get to know something about the company you’re applying to work for, and to demonstrate specific interest in what makes it unique, instead of just treating it like one more restaurant.

After submitting your Fado Irish Pub job application online, you may get called for an interview. Questions during the interview will cover your past experience and education, and will also ask about how you might handle various situations in the restaurant. Think carefully about your answers and give specific details. You may also be asked about your future ambitions. Answer honestly, but in a way that always show you in a good light.

Most Common Positions At Fado Irish Pub & Income Information

Most of the positions you might fill out a Fado Irish Pub application form for are entry-level positions. You might start out at minimum wage or slightly higher, while servers rely primarily on tips to bring in the cash. If you show hard work and leadership skills you might eventually be promoted to position of manager, which usually provides a good living.

Fado Irish Pub Benefits

Fado Irish Pub may provide qualified employees with benefits such as insurance coverage, retirement accounts and paid time off. You’ll enjoy flexible scheduling, discounts on their food and beverages, and a fast-paced work environment.

To visit Fado Irish Pub’s website click here.

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