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Hooters Application – Apply Online At Hooters Today

Hooters Job Application Online

If you are a good looking man or woman, and don’t mind showing off your assets in a fast place, fun filled work place, Hooters is sure to be an ideal employer.  Aside from ranking as one of the most popular restaurant chains in the world, Hooters is also known for excellent pay and employee benefits. To get started on a fun, challenging career with this company, simply fill out a Hooters job application online.

Hooters Jobs Available

After you fill out a Hooters application form, you can apply for the following jobs:  kitchen help, Hooters girl, bartender, waitress, manager, or an administrative support position.

Minimum Employment Age At Hooters:

Males and females interested in working for Hooters only need to be 17 years old in order to fill out the Hooters online application for employment.

Hooters Store Hours

Overall, people that work for Hooters start off the work day around 11 am and then end the day 10 pm to 1 am 7 days a week.  If you are working in a management position, your hours may vary depending on the needs of the department and your assignments.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hooters

Even though you may not have to worry about white teeth and perfect makeup when you sit down at a computer to fill out the Hooters job application, your appearance on paper will be very important. You should take the time to read all questions on the Hooters application carefully, and make sure that you have a resume and other supporting documentation available. This will make it easier for you to fill out the educational and past work experience sections. You may also want to study the Hooters website, or visit a Hooters restaurant so that you can gain some sense of the personality and outlook that you will need to express on the Hooters job application form.

Most Common Positions At Hooters & Income Information

Many attractive women apply for Hooters girl, as well as waitress and hostess positions.  That said, if you have management, bartender or cooking skills, you may also find these jobs will have some level of appeal. Needless to say, men can, and do apply for waiter positions as well as management roles.

Hooters Benefits

Individuals that are hired after filling out a Hooters online application receive wages and benefits that tend to meet or exceed levels expected in the food industry.  Some of the main benefits include full health care coverage, retirement accounts, tuition assistance, and a number of training programs.

There is no question that many jobs at a Hooters restaurant will give you an opportunity to flaunt your physical assets. If you are beautiful and want to enjoy a lively atmosphere, then you should visit Hooters.com and start the application process. Why should you be stuck in a boring, low paying waitress job when Hooters can open all sorts of doors for you financially and in terms of an upwardly mobile career?

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