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Houlihan’s Job Application Online

Founded in Kansas in the 1970s, Houlihan’s was one of the first casual dining restaurants to set current trends. Today they have more than 80 locations in 15 states, featuring eclectic cuisine, open kitchens and top notch bars. A successful restaurant empire such as this requires a constant supply of ready workers. If you’re interested in joining the restaurant industry, or if you just want to earn some cash in your spare time, consider filling out a Houlihan’s job application today.

Houlihan’s Jobs Available

Houlihan’s hires for job positions such as server, cook, host, manager and assistant manager. Most positions are entry level and ideal for first time job seekers. Get valuable job experience and flexible hours while working in an upbeat, people-friendly environments. Restaurant workers need to be able to spend several hours on their feet, moving around, carrying trays and dishes, and to be good at interacting with a variety of people.

Minimum Employment Age At Houlihan’s:

The minimum age to fill out a Houlihan’s job application form is 18.

Houlihan’s Store Hours

Houlihan’s is typically open every day from 6:00am to 11:00pm. That means that they need people to work breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Houlihan’s

Houlihan’s has a simple process that lets you submit a Houlihan’s job application online for hourly positions such as server, cook and host. You should know which position you want to apply for and at which location. You may submit applications for more than one position and more than one location. If you wish to apply for a managerial position, then you must submit your resume by email or fax, following the link on the site listed below.

The more Houlihan’s online applications you fill out, the more likely you are to be hired. To increase your chances, make yourself available for a wide variety of shifts, including breakfast and lunch. Be sure to fill out the entire Houlihan’s application carefully, providing full and complete information. It’s better to go away and complete it later than to submit an incomplete application. If you don’t have work references then list people who can give a character reference.

If you have the chance, stop by the Houlihan’s you’re applying to and introduce yourself to someone in the management. Go during slow hours, between meal times. Both then and during an interview, be sure to dress nicely, smile, be polite, and make eye contact. Express interest in the company.

Most Common Positions At Houlihan’s & Income Information

Most positions at Houlihan’s are entry level. They are likely to pay near to minimum wage. Server positions usually pay less than minimum wage on an hourly basis, but you can earn much more in tips. Managerial positions usually pay well, but you should only submit a Houlihan’s application form for manager if you have previous restaurant or management experience.

Houlihan’s Benefits

Your reasons for submitting a Houlihan’s online application for employment include a fun work environment and flexible scheduling. Working for tips means that you can increase your own earnings with good sales and good service. Eligible employees may receive benefits such as retirement plans, healthcare insurance and paid time off.

To visit Houlihan’s website click here.

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