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House Of Blues Application – Apply Online At House Of Blues Today

House Of Blues Job Application Online

The House of Blues combines southern food and southern food in a unique and stylish package. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Isaac Tigrett, the House of Blues has locations in major cities throughout the country. They feature live bands playing jazz, bluegrass, gospel and root-based rock ‘n roll. Their menu was created by celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez and features both southern, all-American specialties and some international dishes. Submit a House of Blues online application for employment through their parent company Live Nation Entertainment to become a part of this exciting company.

House of Blues Jobs Available

House of Blues hires entry level workers for positions such as server, busser, host, cook, security and ticket agent. They also hire experienced workers for a variety of manager and assistant manager or supervisor positions. In addition to the full complement of kitchen and restaurant staff, they need people to work in sales and even offer internships.

Minimum Employment Age At House Of Blues:

You must be 18 to fill out a House of Blues job application form.

House Of Blues Store Hours

House of Blues restaurants are open from Monday to Friday, 11:30am to 2:00am; Saturday 10:00am to 2:00am; and Sunday 11:00am to 10:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With House Of Blues

Whenever possible, it’s always best to make your House of Blues application in person. If there’s a House of Blues near you, go by right after opening and talk to a manager about what you need to do to apply. They may have a House of Blues application form you can fill out on the spot. If not, then you can find a House of Blues job application online through the Live Nation Entertainment careers page listed below. Search by location or job description for jobs with House of Blues and other Live Nation companies.

When interviewing, it’s important to convey an interest in the company, a strong work ethic and good people skills. Knowing something about the kind of music they showcase can only help you. Remember to dress and act in a professional manner, make eye contact and smile. Treat your House of Blues job application seriously and show them that you really want to work there. The more hours you make yourself available for, the more hirable you will be.

Most Common Positions At House Of Blues & Income Information

House of Blues hires both experienced and inexperienced people to fill a variety of full time and part time positions. An entry level job as busser, server or even dishwasher could lead you into becoming supervisor or manager as you work hard and prove yourself. A House of Blues online application is for anyone who enjoys a fast-paced environment, people and music. Depending on your position, pay may be minimum wage with the ability to earn more with tips, all the way up to six digit salaries when you attain manager. Even waiting tables can be lucrative in a high quality restaurant if you give good service.

House Of Blues Benefits

Working at House of Blues will give you benefits such as flexible scheduling, employee discounts and advancement opportunities. You could receive an excellent benefit package with full medical, vision and dental coverage, a 401 retirement account and paid time off.

To visit House Of Blues’s website click here.

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