Ninety-Nine Restaurant Application

Ninety-Nine Restaurant Application – Apply Online At Ninety-Nine Restaurant Today

Ninety-Nine Restaurant Job Application Online

Ninety-Nine Restaurant is famous for its over sized portions of mouth-watering food and wide selection of specials for lunch.  Sporting the motto of “A Passion to Serve”, their wait staff has a goal to aim for.  With over 100 casual dining full-service restaurants all around the Northeast region, they also have the lowest turnover rate in their category.  This low turn-over rate shows their dedicated respect to the customers and employees, their great communication skills and their strict compliance with excellent customer service.  To become a member of this prestigious institution, fill out and submit your Ninety-Nine Restaurant online application for employment.

Ninety-Nine Restaurant Jobs Available

We suggest that you check the career page for open positions in areas that you live or are planning to live before filling out the Ninety-Nine Restaurant’s application online. Ninety-Nine has an easy to navigate Career page where can you see jobs by state and either hourly wage or salaried.  You can learn more about the company, discover what they offer consumers and employees, search for jobs, and submit your Ninety-Nine Restaurant online application online by using the link provided below.

Minimum Employment Age At Ninety-Nine Restaurant:

You must be at least 18 years of age to submit a Ninety-Nine Restaurant job application online. This is due to the sensitive and financially responsible nature of the business.

Ninety-Nine Restaurant Store Hours

Ninety-Nine Restaurants are open for lunch and dinner.  Employees can expect to work at least an hour before opening and up to an hour after closing for the night. Ninety-Nine Restaurants do have a bar and alcohol service at the tables.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Ninety-Nine Restaurant

  • Wear clean, unwrinkled, stain-free clothing that is appropriate for a professional server.
  • Your hands are always gong to be in view of the customers.  When you go for an interview, make certain that your hands and nails are clean and free of nail polish.  Nail polish can chip off and get into food accidentally causing the company a major law suit.

Most Common Positions At Ninety-Nine Restaurant & Income Information

Typical entry-level jobs include servers, busboys and kitchen help.  Salaried positions include management positions and chefs.  If you have experience in restaurant management or love serving food in a casual, full-service arena, this is your opportunity to join a great team that will welcome you as a member of their own family. To take advantage of these opportunities, visit the website to submit your Ninety-Nine Restaurant job application.

Ninety-Nine Restaurant Benefits

Ninety-Nine Restaurant provides extensive benefits for all full-time hourly employees including paid vacations up to 4 full weeks for employees that have been with them for more than 10 years.  They offer a medical plan that can begin on the first day of employment that can be deducted from your check.  After 6 months working an average of 27.5 hours a week, you can qualify for Blue Cross Blue Shield.  401k plans through Merrill Lynch and $600 per calendar year for tuition reimbursement are available.  Managers and Salaried employees have additional benefits and extensive health care packages from which to choose.  To learn more about the benefits, submit your Ninety-Nine Restaurant application today.

To visit Ninety-Nine Restaurant’s website click here.

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