O’Charley’s Restaurant Application

O’Charley’s Restaurant Application – Apply Online At O’Charley’s Restaurant Today

O’Charley’s Restaurant Job Application Online

O’Charley’s Restaurant is located in the Midwest, southeast and creeping into the northeast regions.  It is known for providing “Good food and Good Times” and they invite you to join the “Good Life”that working for them affords.  They seek applicants with excellent people skills whether related to customers, employees or management personnel.  To become a member of this fun company and start a career in the food service industry, submit your O’Charley’s Restaurant online application for employment. Considering that O’Charley’s is headquartered in Nashville, it is no wonder that they like people that enjoy laughing and smiling but know how to be professional at the same time.  The restaurant industry is always highly competitive but since the recession, it has become brutally so.  Service with a smile is what sets us apart and keeps us at the top of our customer’s choice when they do decide to go out for the evening. You can learn more about the company, discover what they offer consumers and employees, search for jobs, and submit your O’Charley’s Restaurant online application online by using the link provided below.

O’Charley’s Restaurant Jobs Available

The best way to discover the current positions that are open for hourly or salaried employees is to use the link provided below and enter your zip code or location.  The online application will pop up to that particular dining location and that is where it will be submitted.  Take this opportunity to join a great service team by filling out the O’Charley’s Restaurant’s application online.

Minimum Employment Age At O’Charley’s Restaurant:

You must be at least 18 years of age to submit an O’Charley’s Restaurant job application online.

O’Charley’s Restaurant Store Hours

Employees can expect to work at least an hour before opening and up to an hour after closing for the night. O’Charley’s Restaurants do have a bar and alcohol service at the tables.  O’Charley’s Restaurants are open for lunch and dinner as well as holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With O’Charley’s Restaurant

  • Bring you’re a-game and Triple A personality with you to the interview.  Be willing to discuss the extra or unique skills that you may possess that push you over the top.
  • Starting on April 16, 2012 and running until May 18, 2012, O’Charley’s is running a “Greatest Grad Contest” where the public can enter the names of special graduates into the contest.  The winners will be hosted to a graduation party at their local O’Charley’s restaurant.

Most Common Positions At O’Charley’s Restaurant & Income Information

Typical positions include Manager and Assistant Manager positions.  Full time kitchen help and servers are common for entry-level or hourly wage jobs.  Bilingual servers and kitchen staff are always a bonus.  O’Charley’s seeks those with a great attitude toward life who know how to leave their personal problem at home. To take advantage of these opportunities, visit the website to submit your O’Charley’s Restaurant job application.

O’Charley’s Restaurant Benefits

O’Charley’s Restaurant offers a variety of benefits for hourly and salaried employees.  For qualified staff, health, dental, vision and prescription drug plans are on the menu.  Managers have incentive benefits.  There are additional reward programs and prizes for all those who work for O’Charley’s.  To learn more about the benefits, submit your O’Charley’s Restaurant application today.

To visit O’Charley’s Restaurant’s website click here.

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