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Planet Hollywood Application – Apply Online At Planet Hollywood Today

Planet Hollywood Job Application Online

Planet Hollywood is part of the Caesar’s Entertainment Group located in major resort cities known for casinos as well as at Disney World in Orlando.  Planet Hollywood is a restaurant and bar with a stage show, hotel and resort attached.  There is nothing more fun than working in where customers know that they are going to have fun.  Sometimes, this makes being the professional server, bartender or hotel service attendant more difficult; but, usually it only makes it more fun to work.  When clients arrive at Planet Hollywood they fully intend to let their hair down and party for a while.  Confidentiality, a pleasant attitude, extreme patience and a winning smile goes a long way to provide the customer care that Planet Hollywood seeks in hiring applicants.  To become a member of this fun business atmosphere and start a career in the food service industry, submit your Planet Hollywood online application for employment. You can learn more about the company, discover what they offer consumers and employees, search for jobs, and submit your Planet Hollywood online application online by using the link provided below.

Planet Hollywood Jobs Available

Positions open and close quickly at Planet Hollywood.  The most reliable method of discovering the current positions that are open for hourly or salaried employees is to use the link provided below and enter your zip code or location.  Take this opportunity to register at the Caesar’s Entertainment Career Site and fill out your Planet Hollywood’s application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Planet Hollywood:

You must be at least 18 years of age to submit a Planet Hollywood job application online.  Some positions and age requirements are 21.  Read the job qualifications carefully before you submit your application.

Planet Hollywood Store Hours

Some locations are and services are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Other services are only available during specific hours.  For exact information about the position you are interested in, either call or request the information directly from that resort.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Planet Hollywood

  • Planet Hollywood caters to an international demographic.  As such, fluent multilingual skills are considered a bonus.  If you are bilingual or multilingual in any combination of English and other languages, make a big deal out of it when you apply.
  • Bring you’re a-game and Triple A personality with you to the interview Appearance always counts in resort areas and especially Las Vegas.  Look your prettiest and most handsome when you appear for your job interview.  Wear casual business attire and no revealing short skirts or low blouses – especially if you’re a guy.

Most Common Positions At Planet Hollywood & Income Information

Typical positions at any Planet Hollywood include room service and hotel attendants,; casino operations and staffing; dining room and show room servers; kitchen staff and chefs; and, front office operations.  To take advantage of these opportunities, visit the website to submit your Planet Hollywood job application.

Planet Hollywood Benefits

Planet Hollywood offers benefits that include everything from health care benefits, wellness programs, paid vacation and sick days to special deals on services and meals and employee Total Rewards programs.  To learn more about the benefits, submit your Planet Hollywood application today.

To visit Planet Hollywood’s website click here.

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