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Tilted Kilt Application – Apply Online At Tilted Kilt Today

Tilted Kilt Job Application Online

A present- day Celtic themed sports bar and restaurant chain in the United States, the Tilted Kilt, traces its roots back to 2003.(Las Vegas) Serving a perfect blend of Scottish, Irish, British and American food and beverage, the franchise employs thousands of people nationwide. The bar and restaurant chain has 55 locations across the country. The Tilted Kilt is patronized by thousands of people who crave for real fun and the real difference with scantily-clad angels’ cast serving mouth-watering dishes. If you are seriously considering becoming part of this exotic and spirit-lifting environment, you are just a click away from the Tilted Kilt online application for employment.

Tilted Kilts Available Jobs

The Tilted Kilt hires workers throughout the country at all its branches. In order to find current job openings close to your area (or any preferred area) go to the website and click on the locations tab. Once you do that a page will come up on your screen, where you can type in your state details (name, zip code). You may submit an online job application or download the application form, fill it out and hand it in person. You may find a wide range of positions, from managerial to server positions. Better to check the website to know more about available Tilted Kilt jobs.

Minimum Employment Age At Tilted Kilt:

In order to be eligible to fill in the Tilted Kilt job application online you have to be at or over the age of 18.

Tilted Kilt Store Hours

Once you locate your state on the website as it is mentioned above, the website will take you to the page of your area’s Tilted Kilt franchise. That is the page to find the contacts, addresses, news, events and of course the working hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Tilted Kilt

  • With a mouse click on the “About Us” tab you will notice “Kilt Careers” in the bar. Going through that, you will get random results the website returned, for various job openings in different states. And you may easily apply online to the jobs you are suitable for. There is another option for finding the Tilted Kilt jobs. It is looking through the page once you have located your area as mentioned above.
  • Before applying to any positions you should carefully read through the “things you should know” notes of the Tilted Kilt Cast, which always turn up right above the job listings. I would say that these notes are the core standards required from every employee so as to provide best service to patrons. So focusing your Tilted Kilt job application and resume on these standards you would be bettering your chances of getting hired.
  • Take a meticulous look on the job description. Look through each and every requirement to make sure if you have experience in that particular area. Because knowing your strengths really boosts your confidence, which will be reflected if you are short listed for the interview. And don’t skip terms and conditions, if any, read attentively before checking any “I agree” box.

Most Common Positions At Tilted Kilt & Income Information

There are many positions to be available at the franchise but the commonly wanted ones are those like assistant manager, bar manager, busser, server, bartender, line cook, hostess, pub manager etc. As for the salary, it mainly depends on your experience and of course the Tilted Kilt business policy, which I am not aware of. However the good news is that the salaries are highly competitive.

Tilted Kilt Benefits

Besides the splendid job environment, another motivation for workers at the Tilted Kilt is surely the benefits: great training program, quarterly bonus, medical/dental/vision insurance, 401 (K) retirement plan and paid vacations. If you want to become part of this amazing community and think “it’s high time you found out why a cold beer never looked so good”, make a move towards the Tilted Kilt available jobs.

To visit Tilted Kilt’s website click here.

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