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Uno Chicago Grill Application – Apply Online At Uno Chicago Grill Today

Uno Chicago Grill Job Application Online

Back in 1943, Ike Sewell opened up a pizza restaurant in Chicago.  He quickly developed a style of pizza that is now known as Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.  It is a type of pizza that many people insist is the best around.  From the single store in 1943, the Uno Chicago Grill has grown substantially.  There are now 150 stores that can be found in 24 states and in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Honduras, South Korea and Puerto Rico.  These restaurants provide more than just high quality food for their customers.  They provide employment for a large group of dedicated people.  If a person wants to join the Uno team they can find a Uno Chicago Grill job application online.

Uno Chicago Grill Jobs Available

The Uno Chicago Grill provides many different opportunities for their employees.  There are jobs that are available in the restaurants at the other offices the business operates.  There are salaried positions available as well as hourly positions.  The hourly position includes servers, cooks, busboys, and other positions.  There are opportunities to work with the management team for a restaurant or a person can work in the corporate support center.  The key to getting one of these jobs is to fill out a Uno Chicago Grill Job Application.  The Uno Chicago Grill application form can be obtained through one of the store locations, at the corporate office or online at the company’s website.

Minimum Employment Age At Uno Chicago Grill:

A person must be at least 18 years old to work at Uno Chicago Grill.  The online application states that an applicant may be required to provide documentation that proves they are over 18.

Uno Chicago Grill Store Hours

The hours for the Uno Chicago Grill vary from store to store.  The store hours for specific locations can be found on the company website along with the location of the stores.  It will be possible for a person to put in the hours they are available to work on the Uno Chicago Grill online application

Important Tips To Apply Online With Uno Chicago Grill

  • The Uno Chicago grill website has a jobs section where people can learn about the opportunities that are available.  They can download the Uno Chicago Grill application from this section of the website.
  • There is a listing of positions that are available on the website, but anyone can apply for management, servers and kitchen jobs at any time.  Uno Chicago grill is always looking for talented and motivated employees.  There are some locations where a person will have to print out the Uno Chicago Grill job application form and take it to the restaurant.  Most locations allow people to apply online for any position.
  • Anytime a person fills out a Uno Chicago Grill online application for employment they need to fill out the application completely.  They should also provide truthful information on the Uno Chicago Grill application.  Putting false information can be a reason for an application being rejected.
  • A person can fill out the application for Uno Chicago Grill online, but they will leave a better impression if they apply in person for the job.  When a person does this they should make sure they are dressed appropriately for a job interview.  This is a great opportunity to show the potential employer your motivation for the job.  This could be a key to securing the job that you want.

Uno Chicago Grill Benefits

Working for Uno Chicago Grill is a great opportunity for many people.  In addition to receiving a competitive salary, the employees of Uno Chicago grill receive other benefits.  Hourly employees can get flexible hours that will fit around the rest of their life.  Management personnel will also get flexible hours and are eligible for things such as a quarterly bonus, health insurance and a 401k plan.  A complete list of all of the benefits that employees of Uno Chicago Grill can receive can be found at the company’s website.  It is an enjoyable place to work at for anyone interested in the food industry.

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