Coffee Shop And Bakery Jobs

What could be better than a job environment always scented with the aromas of brewing coffee and baked goods?  Coffee shop jobs provide a pleasant place to go to work, interact with people who are happy to be there (because who isn’t happy to be picking up their caffeine fix?), and secure a steady income and benefits.

A coffee shop will train new employees in the skills of the barista (the term for a person who prepares specialty coffees), so even if you don’t have prior experience as a barista, a pleasant manner and willingness to learn on your part should be enough to secure you a job.  The benefits of working at a coffee shop, for qualifying employees, generally include health and disability insurance, paid vacation, retirement, and discounted drinks and merchandise at the shop itself.  Additionally, a start at even an entry-level job puts you in position to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience of that business and potentially work your way into a management position if you’d like to aim upward.

As far as securing the initial job, previous experience can be a plus, but you can also educate yourself about the specific products and services offered by the shop where you’re intending to apply, and speak knowledgeably in an interview even before you have the hands-on experience as a barista.  Take the time to read about the company’s history and philosophy, learn about its offerings of coffees, teas, and merchandise, and even spend a little time in the shop to get a feel for the clientele you can expect there.  Ultimately, every coffee shop is looking for upbeat and smiling folks with a focus on positive customer service, and the willingness to learn the details of preparing specialty coffees.  Many coffee shops also offer a variety of baked goods, and sometimes even breakfast items, so if you have prior experience as a cook, this might be another avenue where you can get started in a position with the coffee shop.

Coffee shops have become modern-day cultural centers, where writers, musicians, and artists often gather, where music CDs and books often become part of the merchandise offered, and where customers are amazingly loyal to the coffee shop of their choice.  It’s a place where you’re likely to see familiar faces as repeat customers, where you’ll be able to address regular customers by name, and where you’ll enjoy the atmosphere redolent with the scent of coffee beans and the sounds of cheerful chatter.

Coffee shops also have the advantage—for a prospective applicant—of being abundant in every town. Even in an economy where many customers (and therefore businesses) are cutting back expenditures, specialty coffees seem to be the still-affordable “luxury” with which people continue to treat themselves.  Nearly every city and town boasts a plethora of coffee houses, ranging from the ubiquitous chain establishments to quirky individual locally-owned companies.  Having settled on the coffee shop as a desirable place of employment, you can apply at many of them, increasing your chances of finding a job opening that’s the perfect fit for you.

As you apply for a job with a coffee shop, stress any previous experience you may have with positive customer service, whether as a barista or in any other industry; you ability to interact cheerfully with customers is your greatest asset as a prospective coffee shop employee.  The company can train people to operate the coffee machines and cash registers, but it’s much more difficult to instruct someone in personal interactions; for that reason, a wise manager will focus the employment-search on people for whom customer service is an established existing talent.  Go into your interview prepared to talk about the individual business of the shop where you’re interviewing, be open about any areas where you lack experience, while stressing your willingness to train and learn, and make a point to demonstrate your own ability to interact pleasantly and cheerfully with other people.  An interview is a “sales job” of sorts, in which you’re selling yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.  And when your interview is successful, you can celebrate with a cup of your favorite brew—purchased with your new employee discount!

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