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 Brueggers Bagels Job Application Online

With over three hundred restaurant locations (and a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for World’s Largest Bagel), Brueggers Bagels has been serving bagel fans since 1983.  The menu includes not only breads, bagels, and coffee, but also soups and salads, sandwiches, wraps, desserts, and other items.  Baking “New York-style” bagels all day and accompanying them with its own variations of cream cheeses and specialty coffees, the concept has grown from its original home-grown idea to spread the consumption of bagels (which were previously considered an “ethnic food” localized to New York) across the nation.  Offering gift cards, online newsletters with updates and discounts, franchise opportunities, and a full catering menu for meetings and parties and events, Brueggers Bagels have been pleasing diners for nearly three decades.  Become a part of American bagel history, and join and pleasant work environment, with your Brueggers Bagels online application for employment.

Brueggers Bagels Jobs Available

Brueggers Bagels provides the training (and recipes) for all its employees to help ensure the consistently high quality of food and service across the chain.  Experience in restaurant or retail is preferred, but not required—if they like you as a candidate, they’ll provide the training and experience.  Jobs include bakers and prep cooks, customer service specialists, catering staff, warehouse and commissary workers, and supervisors and managers, all of which positions can be filled with the simple Brueggers Bagels application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Brueggers Bagels:

Brueggers hires workers sixteen years old and up, so feel free to turn in your Brueggers Bagels job application online.

Brueggers Bagels Store Hours

The “Location Map” on the website’s home page allows you to search for locations in your area, and determine what those restaurants’ operating hours are.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Brueggers Bagels

  • The “Work With Us” box near the bottom of the website offers a link to view current job openings and submit a Brueggers Bagels online application.
  • Make a stellar impression with your Brueggers Bagels job application form by making sure it’s error-free and complete in providing answers and information.
  • Stay updated on Brueggers Bagels news (including menu specials and job openings) by signing up for the online newsletters, and following their feeds on Facebook and Twitter.  Educating yourself about the business will stand you in good stead when it comes time to apply and interview.

Most Common Positions At Brueggers Bagels & Income Information

Many jobs with Brueggers are paid hourly, including bakers and food preparation specialists, counter associates who serve customers, commissary and warehouse workers providing logistical support for the bakery locations, catering staff, and shift supervisors.  The management positions (General Managers and Assistant Managers at each bakery, as well as District Managers overseeing regional groups of restaurants) draw salaried pay.  Put yourself in the running for any of these positions with a Brueggers Bagels job application.

Brueggers Bagels Benefits

Brueggers Bagels provides training to its employees, so an applicant can build a resume and seek employment here even without previous related experience.  You can also show the motivation to work your way up within the company, with the assistance of the in-house training.  Additional benefits for qualified employees include insurance coverage for health, vision, dental, disability, and life; as well as vacation pay, retirement options, discounted dining, and competitive pay.  Get started now with your Brueggers Bagels application.

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