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 Cafe Express Job Application Online

Serving Texas diners since 1984, Café Express is the brainchild of Chef Robert Del Grande, who is notable for his biochemistry Ph.D., as well as a long list of awards (Chef of the Year from Culinary Award, James Beard Award, and the Fine Dining Hall of Fame from The Nation’s Restaurant News). No operating twenty locations in Texas, the restaurant features a menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, gourmet burgers, grilled entrees, and desserts, as well as a children’s menu and appetizers.  Each location also creatively provides an “Oasis Table” with a wide variety of condiments, sauces, and flavorful items which diners can add to their plates to personalize the meal.  The restaurant offers online ordering for pick-up and takeout, as well as catering for meetings, parties, and events. Become a valuable part of an award-winning tradition with your Cafe Express online application for employment.

Cafe Express Jobs Available

Café Express advertises positions as General Manager and Associate General Manager, Restaurant Manager, Shift Leader, Prep Cook, Line Cook, Bussers and Dishwashers, and Customer Service Associates.  The company provides training and development, so you can look forward to getting started when you submit your Cafe Express application form.

 Minimum Employment Age At Cafe Express :

Café Express hires applicants of eighteen years an older, so if you are a legal adult, you are invited to submit your Cafe Express job application online.

Cafe Express Store Hours

Click the “Our Locations” link at the top of the website to see a listing (grouped by area) of restaurant locations, and to determine their operating hours.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Cafe Express

  • Click the “Careers” link at the foot of the website to read all about the available positions, benefits for employees, and training program offered by the company, as well as a link to the Cafe Express online application.
  • The downloadable Cafe Express job application form is available in the “Careers” section of the website in both English and Spanish; you are advised to print it and complete it and deliver it in person to the management staff at the location where you wish to apply to work.

 Most Common Positions At Cafe Express & Income Information

Salaried management positions with Café Express include general manager and associate general manager, restaurant manager, and shift leader—all positions which can be attained with a start at the hourly-level positions, thanks to the training provided by the company.  Hourly workers include line cooks and prep cooks, dishwashers and clean-up crew, customer service associates, and catering staff.  You can put yourself in the running for any of these jobs with your Cafe Express job application.

 Cafe Express Benefits

Hourly employees qualify for paid vacation, free meals, and professional development enabling them to work their way up within the company (nearly one-third of Café Express’s managers began as hourly workers with the company). Salaried managers and shift leaders enjoy consistent five-day work-weeks (with the days off given as a consecutive pair), bonuses based on performance, insurance for medical and dental and vision, 401(K) retirement plans, paid vacations, and great salaries.  Every employee can benefit from the stellar professional development and training, which the company uses to train its own management team from the pool of its existing employees.  Get a leg up on your own career with a Cafe Express application.

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