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Caribou Coffee Application – Apply Online At Caribou Coffee Today

 Caribou Coffee Job Application Online

Second only to Starbucks as a non-franchised distributor of specialty coffees in the United States, Caribou Coffee was inspired by the Alaska honeymoon of the founders, who returned home to Minnesota and opened their first shop in Minneapolis in 1992. Now boasting more than four hundred locations in the United States, the company enjoys a loyal following of fans that enjoy not only their coffee, but their creative and informative website.  With a “Roastmaster’ Blog, Q&A coffee chat section, “Coffee Talk” videos, Caribou Card gift services (with online management of cards and balances), tips for home-brewing, coffee recommendations for different people’s tastes, and extensive information about their commitment to environmental and social responsibility in their supply chain and process, the website itself is a great place to hang out—which only encourages fans to stop in even more at the coffee shop locations. The company also offers “Grocery and Retail” options, allowing companies and merchants to serve branded Caribou Coffee, and individual fans to enjoy Caribou brews at home.  Make your own place as a barista or manager with your Caribou Coffee online application for employment.

Caribou Coffee Jobs Available

Caribou Coffee shops require the services of baristas, servers, bakers, clean-up crew, and managers, as well as positions with the corporate offices, and you can put yourself in the running for any of those positions with your Caribou Coffee application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Caribou Coffee :

Caribou Coffee hires new employees as young as fifteen, so if you are old enough to work legally in your state, you are invited to complete and submit a Caribou Coffee job application online.

Caribou Coffee Store Hours

If you go to the “Our Company” page of the website, you can use a search tool to find a location near you (you can also search for locations with drive-through, with wireless internet, and with meeting space) and find out the store hours.  Caribou Coffee shops are open sixteen hours a day, so you’ll have the opportunity to schedule around school or other commitments.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Caribou Coffee

  • Click the “Careers” link at the bottom of the website to view the extensive information about positions, benefits, and training, as well as a link to the Caribou Coffee online application.
  • You can learn about Caribou Coffee by reading their website and following their Facebook and Twitter updates so you can be informed and ready for an interview when you submit a Caribou Coffee job application form.

 Most Common Positions At Caribou Coffee & Income Information

  Hourly positions include hourly baristas, and bakers, as well as salaried managers; wherever you will fit, you can submit your Caribou Coffee job application in the “Careers” section of the website.

Caribou Coffee Benefits

Hourly positions are eligible for insurance (including coverage for domestic partners) with a minimum 20-hour work week, life insurance and paid time off, company-matched 401(K) retirement for employees twenty-one years and older, and discounts on coffees, foods, and Caribou merchandise.  The company also offers “Caribou College,” a training program which allows existing employees to take advantage of training for additional positions, benefiting both the resume and the standing within the company.  Begin with a Caribou Coffee application today.

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