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 Il Tramezzino Italian Café Job Application Online

Affectionately known to its fans as “Il Tram,” Il Tramezzino Italian Café opened in 1991 in Beverly Hills, and soon became a favorite for its menu, its family-friendly (and dog-friendly) atmosphere, and its flexibility in meeting individual diners’ requests. Il Tramezzino Italian Café brought the Panini (specialty sandwiches served on Italian baguettes) before they had gained wide popularity in America, and imports cheeses, wines, and desserts from Italy.  Offering alcoholic beverages, daily specials at breakfast lunch and dinner, flat-screen TVs, and catering options for events, meetings, and gatherings, Il Tramezzino Italian Café has become a dining favorite from early breakfast to late-night sporting celebrations.  Join the tradition by submitting an Il Tramezzino Italian Café online application for employment.

Il Tramezzino Italian CaféJobs Available

Il Tramezzino Italian Café hires line cooks and prep cooks, bakers, seating hosts, table servers, catering staff, and managers; all of these positions are available via the Il Tramezzino Italian Café application form.

Minimum Employment Age At Il Tramezzino Italian Café :

The Il Tramezzino Italian Café job application online is available to adult applicants of eighteen years of age or older.

Il Tramezzino Italian Café Store Hours

The three Il Tramezzino Italian Café locations are featured on the website’s home page, where you can look up the individual operating hours of each restaurant.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Il Tramezzino Italian Café

  • Make use of the online information provided in the form of printable menus, Facebook and Twitter pages, and website information to get yourself up to date on the restaurant and its menu before submitting your Il Tramezzino Italian Café online application.
  • Keeping in mind that Il Tramezzino Italian Café provides an upscale dining experience, take the time to dress up and present yourself in person to introduce yourself to a manager after submitting your Il Tramezzino Italian Café job application form.  Let them see a well-dressed and sophisticated potential employee whom they would be glad to add to their team; they’ll remember you when it comes time for interviews.

 Most Common Positions At Il Tramezzino Italian Café & Income Information

Providing an upscale international dining experience, Il Tramezzino Italian Café requires the skills and services of talented and well-spoken seating hosts and table servers, who earn hourly wages with the possibility of substantial tips.  The kitchen also takes on experienced line cooks and prep cooks who work at hourly wages, as well as salaried managers to oversee the smooth operation and pleasant dining experience of the dining patrons.  With training provided by the company, an Il Tramezzino Italian Café job application for any position can lead, with time and motivation, to advancement in a career in this sophisticated aspect of the food-service industry.

 Il Tramezzino Italian Café Benefits

Qualified employees enjoy the advantages of comprehensive insurance coverage (including medical, dental and vision, long-term and short-term disability, life insurance, and coverage for domestic partners); paid days of vacation and personal or sick leave, 401(K) retirement plan, and discounted dining in the Il Tramezzino Italian Café restaurants.  Training provided by the company for its cooks, servers, and managers can help to improve a resume and advance within the company; the training itself is a benefit even aside from its ability to propel you upward with the company.  Your Il Tramezzino Italian Café application will put you into a great job.

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