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Panera Bread Application – Apply Online At Panera Bread Today

 Panera Bread Job Application Online

Established in 1981 in St Louis, Panera Bread prides itself not only on its bread selection but on its baking craft.  Bread-baking is an art form in these cafes, and the bread-bowl soups and made-to-order salads and sandwiches show that pride.  With a string of awards to its credit, the company offers an information-packed website which is a great resource for an applicant who seeks to get educated about the company in order to speak knowledgeably in an interview.  The website includes information on the company’s history, investor relations, awards, news clips, franchise information, community involvement, recipes, nutrition information, and menus.   They provide catering for meetings or events, and offer gift cards (which can be managed and reloaded online).  All in all, Panera Bread is a full-service experience, more than “just” a bakery.  Become part of the tradition by filling out and turning in a Panera Bread online application for employment.

Panera Bread Jobs Available

Panera Bread has positions to fill in café management, shift supervision, baking, catering, corporate and support center, and manufacturing at the fresh dough manufacturing facilities.  For any of these you can submit a Panera Bread application form from the website.

 Minimum Employment Age At Panera Bread:

The Panera Bread job application online is available to applicants who are at least sixteen years of age.

Panera Bread Store Hours

Take advantage of the “Locations” tool on the website to search for Panera Bread locations in your geographic area and see what their individual hours of operation are.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Panera Bread

  • Select the “Careers” link at the foot of the website to read about Panera Bread’s existing workforce, its workplace philosophy, the employer awards it has received, and the compensation and benefits for its employees—as well as the link to the Panera Bread online application.
  • The online career center lists the job categories, and you can click on any of them to see more specific positions.  Below the list of positions you’ll find a link to search jobs that are currently available, for which  you can submit a Panera Bread job application form.

 Most Common Positions At Panera Bread & Income Information

Hourly positions with Panera Bread include corporate support positions (accounting and finance, supply chain and distribution centers, information technology support), bakers and catering staff at the individual restaurant sites, and workers at the fresh dough manufacturing facilities.  Salaried positions can include management and shift supervisors of the cafes, as well as some of the corporate jobs like Human Resources management, legal support, and marketing management.  For any of these positions your Panera Bread job application can be submitted online.

 Panera Bread Benefits

Panera Bread has won awards for its status as a good employer to work for, and in addition to its more “tangible” benefits, employees appreciate working in a spotlessly clean environment, free of alcohol and frying grease, and with predictable schedules without late nights or shifts that would cut into family obligations.  Additional tangible benefits for qualified employees include insurance for medical, dental, and vision, tax-sheltered flexible spending accounts for health care and childcare costs,  401(K) retirement plans, employee stock purchasing, incentives and bonuses based on performance, disability for both short-term and long-term, life insurance, and employee discounts.  Turn in a Panera Bread application today to enjoy working for a pleasant employer with the possibility of advancement.

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