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Peets Coffee and Tea Application – Apply Online At Peets Coffee and Tea Today

Peets Coffee and Tea Job Application Online

Peets Coffee and Tea was started in 1966 by an immigrant from Holland. Alfred Peet was astonished by what Americans called coffee. He set out to show them what coffee should really taste like. He did this by using specialty beans and creating a darker roast blend that gave coffee complexity. His business expanded and grew, and started a district in California called the gourmet ghetto. Later, he mentored many big names in the coffee industry, including the founders of Starbucks, which he supplied with coffee beans during their first years of business. Today, the company continues with the dream of Alfred Peet, creating one great cup of coffee after another. To become a part of this unique experience, start out by filling out and submitting a Peets Coffee and Tea online application for employment.

  Peets Coffee and Tea Jobs Available

There are many different types of jobs available from Peets Coffee and Tea. You can look into retail management positions or retail sales positions. In addition to retail manager and assistant manager, you can find jobs in this company for sales representatives, baristas, and shift leaders. There are also office positions available for the corporate headquarters. To take advantage of one of these opportunities, begin by filling out and submitting a Peets Coffee and Tea job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Peets Coffee and Tea:

The recommended age for filling out and submitting a Peets Coffee and Tea application form is eighteen years of age. However, the company will consider younger applicants if they can supply a work permit.

Peets Coffee and Tea Store Hours

Store hours vary by location. However, the typical store opens at five in the morning Monday through Friday, and at five thirty in the morning on Saturday and Sunday. Closing times are between eight and ten at night, depending on the store and the day of the week. To discover the store hours of the location nearest you, use the store locator or store list found on the website to discover hours of operation.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Peets Coffee and Tea

  • You can access the Peets Coffee and Tea online application by visiting their website, clicking on the tab “who we are,” then clicking on the submenu item “careers.” There you will find the downloadable application in PDF format. This application can be printed off and taken to any location found on the store list or by using the store locator.
  • Be prepared to submit your Peets Coffee and Tea job application form with confidence, and ask for an on the spot interview, by first reviewing the website in its entirety. You can become familiar with the company’s history, as well as their products and services. In addition, you may want to visit a location near you to taste the difference in the coffee for yourself before applying.
  • Follow up submitting your application with a phone call or a subsequent visit to the store. You may be able to get an interview with a manager if you arrive at the appropriate time. In addition, your persistence will show your eagerness to work and your anticipation of the potential employment.

Most Common Positions At Peets Coffee and Tea & Income Information

There are both salaried and hourly positions available at Peets Coffee and Tea. You can apply for salaried management positions. You can also use the Peets Coffee and Tea job application to apply for hourly positions such as shift leader, barista, or sales person. Pay will be based on experience and what the job market will bear.

Peets Coffee and Tea Benefits

Peets Coffee and Tea does not publicize their benefits on their website, although they do have benefits available. Salaried employees as well as hourly employees may be eligible for health insurance benefits as well as paid vacation. To discover what these might be, fill out your Peets Coffee and Tea application today.

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