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Seattle’s Best Coffee Application – Apply Online At Seattle’s Best Coffee Today

 Seattle’s Best Coffee Job Application Online

Seattle’s Best Coffee began as a small café called the Wet Whisker in 1970. The café was so popular that it soon branched out and in the eighties to more cafes. In the eighties, the name of the café was changed to Stewart Brothers Coffee. The company continued to grow in popularity, and was renamed again to Seattle’s Best Coffee in the nineties after winning a local contest. Today, the company has changed hands yet again and been bought out by the Starbucks Corporation. However, the company is still putting out the same great coffee they have been serving up for forty years. They continue to expand, now being seen in Borders book stores around the country. If you would like to become a part of this coffee tradition, fill out and submit your Seattle’s Best Coffee online application for employment today.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Jobs Available

This traditional coffee company is looking for baristas, café supervisors, and café managers at company owned and franchised locations. You can inquire at particular franchised cafes to determine open positions near you, or you can view open positions online for company owned cafes at their website. To join the team, fill out and submit a Seattle’s Best Coffee job application online.

Minimum Employment Age At Seattle’s Best Coffee:

Typically, the minimum age to submit a Seattle’s Best Coffee application form is eighteen years of age. However, exceptions may be made if you have a work permit or are legally able to work at a younger age.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Store Hours

Store hours vary and depend on whether or not the café is franchised or company owned. To determine store hours, use the store locator tool on their website to find a store nearest you and contact them directly.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Seattle’s Best Coffee

  • At the company website, click on “who we are” then on “careers.” You will be brought to an area that will give you instructions to apply with a franchise or a company owned store. To apply as a barista or supervisor for a company owned store, follow the link, choose your location, and begin the Seattle’s Best Coffee online application.
  • You can follow up your Seattle’s Best Coffee job application form with a resume hand delivered to the location that you wish to work in. This will give the management that is hiring some more information to base their decision on. It will also give them the impression that you are serious about finding and getting the job.

 Most Common Positions At Seattle’s Best Coffee & Income Information

The two most common positions available at Seattle’s Best Coffee are barista and café supervisor, both of which are hourly positions. There is no experience required to become a barista, but you must have at least a year of supervisory experience to become a café supervisor. There are salaried management positions as well, but these are less common and require more experience. To take advantage of one of these opportunities, visit the website for your Seattle’s Best Coffee job application today.

 Seattle’s Best Coffee Benefits

Seattle’s Best Coffee provides some benefits for full time employees. These benefits may include medical coverage, paid vacations, and sick pay. The benefits that are offered will vary based on whether you are going to work at a company owned store or a franchised store. To discover more details about the benefits available, submit your Seattle’s Best Coffee application today.

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