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 Texenza Coffee Job Application Online

Texenza Coffee had meager beginnings as a franchise operation in 2001, but by 2008 had declared independence from that franchise and started their own coffee chain in central Texas. Since that time, they have been growing rapidly, now serving coffee at seven locations in central Texas. Unique about this café is that they offer pastries and sandwiches that are created in their own catering deli called Little Big City Catering. The pastries and sandwiches are baked fresh by the catering company and delivered to Texenza Coffee shops throughout the city daily. The largest privately owned coffee chain in central Texas, the company continues to go strong by serving a million customers each year. If you are interested in becoming a team member of one of these stores, start by filling out and submitting a Texenza Coffee online application for employment.

Texenza Coffee Jobs Available

Texenza Coffee is always hiring baristas on a part time or full time basis. They sometimes have management positions available as well, but they tend to promote from within. To determine what positions are available you can email human resources from the website, or you can contact your local café to see what positions are currently available. From there you can decide to put in a Texenza Coffee job application online.

 Minimum Employment Age At Texenza Coffee :

The minimum employment age at Texenza Coffee is sixteen years of age. If you are under age eighteen you will have to supply your birth date on the Texenza Coffee application form.

Texenza Coffee Store Hours

Texenza Coffee store hours vary by location. Most locations open at six in the morning Monday through Friday, and close at around seven in the evening. Weekends they typically open at seven in the morning and close at six to seven in the evening. To determine store hours for any given location simply visit the website and click on “Locations.”

Important Tips To Apply Online With Texenza Coffee

  • Visit the website and click on the Employment link. This will take you to some email addresses and a Texenza Coffee online application. You can fill out this application and bring it in to any café, or you can email it with a resume for management positions.
  • Especially if you are applying for a management position, you should follow up your Texenza Coffee job application form with an emailed or hand delivered resume. This will increase your chances of landing the job by giving the management more information about you on which to base their decision. It also shows initiative and determination to get the job that is generally appreciated.

 Most Common Positions At Texenza Coffee & Income Information

The most common position available at Texenza Coffee is that of barista. Baristas require no previous experience and are fully trained by the company. They are paid hourly on a part time or full time basis. Management positions are less common, as the company typically promotes from within. However, these positions may also be available and are generally salaried full time positions. To learn more about the open positions in your area visit or contact your local café for details before submitting your Texenza Coffee job application.

 Texenza Coffee Benefits

Texenza Coffee benefits are the same across the board, because all locations are company owned. However, those benefits are not made known to the public on their website. To learn more about the benefits offered by this company, you can email for information using the same Employment page on the site that you use to fill out your Texenza Coffee application.

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