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 Threecaf Brands Job Application Online

Threecaf Brands is a trio of Canadian coffee shop/bakeries operating under the auspices of the same parent company.  With slightly different themes, services, and menus, the triad nevertheless shares the employment benefits and philosophies of the same parent company.  From the Threecaf Brands website, you can link to any of the three individual restaurants (Mmmuffins, Michel’s Bakery, and Timothy’s World Bakery) to read about the specific menu items, locations, and staffing needs of the three individual restaurants, as well as finding the Threecaf Brands online application for employment for any of the three cafés.The descriptions below apply to all three of the differently branded restaurants, and you can look up even more information on the individual companies websites, linked from the Threecaf Brands main page.

Threecaf Brands Jobs Available

Threecaf Brands restaurants employ experienced bakers, baristas and servers, and managers to keep each bakery-café running smoothly.  Managers handle purchasing, scheduling, and staffing, as well as overseeing the employee team.  For any of these positions, the Threecaf Brands application form waits for you on the website of your choice.

 Minimum Employment Age At Threecaf Brands:

The Threecaf Brands job application online is available to any applicant of sixteen years or older.

Threecaf Brands Store Hours

Take advantage of the “Find a Bakery” link at the top right corner of the website to search by map or by postal code for locations in your geographic area, and to determine the store hours of those locations.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Threecaf Brands

  • Click the “Careers” link at the bottom of any of the three websites to read about the parent company’s corporate philosophy and to submit your Threecaf Brands Cafe online application.
  • A resume is recommended (and an email link provided on the Careers page of each website) to accompany your Threecaf Brands job application form.  If you haven’t created a resume before, seek the advice of an experienced acquaintance or make use of one of the many templates available online.  This document is your tool for making a great impression, so make sure it’s sharp and professional looking, free of mistakes, and showcases your talents, training, and background.

 Most Common Positions At Threecaf Brands & Income Information

The corporate offices of Threecaf Brands employ the services of support staff such as accountants and advertising specialists, and the individual café locations need line cooks prep cooks, customer service associates, and experienced bakers.    These are hourly positions, with the possibility of tips on the customer service side.  Salaried managers oversee operations at each site, and enjoy the training offered by the company to advance in their careers.  Your Threecaf Brands job application for any position can result in an advancing career in the restaurant industry.

 Threecaf Brands Benefits

In addition to discounted dining at all of the Threecaf Brands restaurants, eligible employees enjoy insurance coverage for medical expenses, life insurance, long-term and short-term disability, 401(K) retirement plans, paid days of vacation and personal or sick-leave days, and on-the-job training that allows them to advance in their career.  Given the training provided by the company for its existing employees, and the wide range of restaurant locations, in addition to the corporate support system behind it, you’ll have room to learn and grow and rise in the ranks of the Threecaf Brands Company.  Get started right away with your Threecaf Brands application.

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