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Tim Hortons Application – Apply Online At Tim Hortons Today

Tim Hortons Job Application Online

There is a Tim Hortons online application for employment that can be downloaded in PDF format. This Tim Hortons online application is printer friendly. There are different versions of the Tim Hortons job application online for Canada and the United States.

Tim Hortons Jobs Available

There are a lot of different jobs available at Tim Hortons. Interested parties can choose to apply to be a team member or for a management positions. There are different shifts and job types available. There are entry level positions like team members as well as other opportunities. Team members are cashiers, bakers, and other basic staff. Other positions available at Tim Hortons include the need for trainers, sales representatives, and a help desk agent. Customer service support and an order selector are a few of the other more unique positions. When filling out a Tim Hortons application, be sure that you are filling out the right application for the position you want. There are also corporate positions and opportunities available for you to choose from.

Minimum Employment Age At Tim Hortons:

The minimum age for employment at Tim Hortons is sixteen years of age. For anyone who would like to be considered for anything that other than entry level positions, applicants should at least be eighteen years of age. Anyone who does not meet the minimum age requirements should not bother filling out a Tim Hortons job application because they will not be considered for employment. Tim Hortons applies these rules and requirements for the safety of their employees.

Tim Hortons Store Hours

Tim Hortons opens their doors for business starting at seven o’clock in the morning everyday except for on Saturday. On Saturday Tim Hortons does not open until ten o’clock in the morning. Mondays through Thursdays Tim Hortons closes at nine o’clock at night. On Fridays they close at seven P.M. On Saturdays they close at five P.M. Tim Hortons is not open on Sundays at all. For those who wish to fill out a Tim Hortons job application form in person, be sure to dress to impress as you are making your first impression with your potential employer.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Tim Hortons

When filling out a Tim Hortons application form, be sure to put your best foot forward by marketing all of the skills that make you a prime candidate for the position. Highlight all of the qualifications you have that set you apart from the crowd. Include up to date contact information as well. Try your best to give your application personality.

Most Common Positions At Tim Hortons & Income Information

The most common positions available at Tim Hortons are entry level positions that pay an hourly wage.  These entry level positions can range from cashiers to designated trainers. Other positions that are commonly available at Tim Hortons include the need for shift leaders, truck drivers, and help service desk employees. Management positions are usually paid a base salary.

Tim Hortons Benefits

There are many benefits that can be enjoyed by employees of Tim Hortons. The benefits that are offered by Tim Hortons varies by location. Some benefits are only offered to qualified employees. There is no charge to employees of Tim Hortons for their uniforms. There are positions at Tim Hortons that even qualify to receive healthcare insurance coverage that includes medical and dental benefits. There is even a Tim Hortons scholarship program. There is plenty of room for advancement at Tim Hortons. On the job training is also provided.

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