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In N Out Burger Application – Apply Online At In N Out Burger Today


In N Out Burger Job Application Online

The job application form for In N Out Burger is entirely online. There is no printable job application form available. To apply for a job, you must visit the In N Out Burger site and apply there.

In N Out Burger Jobs Available

Jobs at In N Out Burger include Cashier, Server, Prep Cook, Waiter, Waitress, Line Cook, File Clerk, Benefits Administrator, Associate Relations Partner, Marketing Manager, Butcher, Maintenance Mechanic, Lab Technician, Safety Specialist, Sign Artist, Warehouse Worker, Order Puller, Purchasing Manager, Shift Leader, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager

Minimum Employment Age At In N Out Burger

You must be at least 16 years old to work at In N Out Burger.

In N Out Burger Store Hours

In N Out Burger is generally open between 10:30am and 1am Sunday through Thursday, and 10:30am through 1:30am Friday through Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With In N Out Burger

The In N Out burger job application process is very straightforward. First, pick a location that you’re interested in applying to. It’ll give you the address, phone number, and hours of the location you’re considering. Feel free to record them, in case you need them later.

If you click the “EMPLOYMENT” tab, you’ll be able to apply online in either English or Spanish. Click the language you’re more comfortable with, and then continue.

A new window will open with the jobs that are available. Select one that sounds good, and continue on to fill out the rest of the application.

Most Common Positions At In N Out Burger & Income Information

Most starting workers at In N Out Burger start as team members. Team members cook food, work cash registers, clean the restaurant, and more.

When working as a cashier, employees are expected to provide excellent customer service, do basic math quickly and correctly, and handle money without supervision. A good cashier is friendly and enjoys meeting new people all day.

Cooks are expected to cook delicious and consistently excellent food on demand. Cooks should be efficiently and clean, with organization around the kitchen being paramount. A good cook is great with their hands and enjoys working with food.

Unusually for the fast food industry, In N Out Burger pays its starting workers no less than $10 an hour. This is significantly better than the pay of most entry-level workers at any restaurant, let alone a fast food place.

In N Out Burger Benefits

In N Out Burger provides good benefits of its employees, including a generous starting base pay. Qualified employees can benefit from health care coverage, a 401(k) retirement plan, good employee discounts, vacation time, and paid time off.


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