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Church’s Chicken Job Application Online

Church’s Chicken does not provide a printable job application form. You must go apply for a job online through Church’s Chicken’s website instead.

Church’s Chicken Jobs Available

At Church’s Chicken, you may apply for the positions of Crew Member, Cook, Cashier, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, and General Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Church’s Chicken

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Church’s Chicken.

Church’s Chicken Store Hours

Most Church’s Chicken locations are open every day from 10:30am to 10:00pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken uses a service called jobappnetwork.com to service their requirements. You may already have an account, but if you do not, you’ll be required to create an account to use their online job application site.

Once you have registered with your name, address, email, phone number, and social security number, you will be able to select an “opportunity,” that is, an open job position that Church’s Chicken is curently hiring for. Once you select an opportunity, you will be presented with position related interview questions. It is in your best interest to answer honestly and clearly whatever questions you may be asked.

Once that is complete, you will optionally fill out the Equal Employment Opportunity form, and then you’re done. All that’s left is to wait for notification to be interviewed.

Most Common Positions At Church’s Chicken & Income Information

The most common positions by far at Church’s Chicken is the Crew Member position. This position comprises both Cashier and Cook positions. Your hiring manager will tell you which position they are specifically hiring for, although it may specify on the application itself.

Cashiers are required to handle money, work a register, and quickly perform basic math. Cashiers are also responsible for ensuring that their customers’ every needs are met, and for having a positive, upbeat attitude.

Cooks will work in the kitchen area, preparing, assembling, and cooking the food that’s been ordered. Cooks must maintain a clean and orderly work area, and may be required to go in the stockroom to sort, open, and inventory the supplies.

Both positions are required to be well-groomed, personable, and efficient without supervision. Both positions may additionally be required to stand on their feet for up to eight hours as standard for jobs in the food service industry.

Crew members will make the minimum wage pay for their area, typically $7.25 per hour. Some locations have a different minimum wage- check your local laws to find out.

Church’s Chicken Benefits

Qualified employees receive competitive base pay, healthcare coverage, a 401(k) retirement plan, and paid time off.


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7 Responses to Church’s Chicken Application

  • Hi, you doing, I try to get to the application for crew not manager don’t have a degree for that.

  • Ielica Davila says:

    I would like to work there to make and help the store be a better place for customers.

  • Daphne Edmond says:

    I would like to apply for crew manger have experience as a retail manger,also have experience in fast food.

  • carolyn l.marshall says:

    i just been trying to get any job but no luck fast food jobs shouldnt be hard to get i no background check in all with everything esle it still shouldnt be hard to apply online always coll-people asking you do you want to go back to school but people need a job to i dont have any income just a friend letting me stay with him glad to say someone help somewhere i just say i need a job am availible days 9-5pm mon-sat-sun-9-4pm fastfood mostly assembly /packing alittle try other jobs if hiring and training my comments

  • shaquil williams says:

    im a very good cook I would love to help out at any time im faithful to hard work that I truly enjoy

  • Barbara A Wright says:

    Hello My Name Is:Barbara And I Like Cooking And I Am A Good Cook I Just Need An Opportunity
    I Am A Hard Worker With A Professional Attitude I Am Committed Work Well With Other.
    Dedicated Individual Love People I Work Remarkably With The Youth And Other In The World
    I Live And Work Such As I Also Teach Praise Dance,I Sing In The Chuch Choir,And Work With The
    Chuch As A Missionary I Just Need A Chance.

  • betty lynn goins says:

    hello…im really hoping that a will have the wonderful exsperience of working with the churchs chicken crew members….family… im a extremly hard worker and theres nothing im not willing to learn..really look forward in working with you guys god bless you alllll

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