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Del Taco Job Application Online

There is no printable application for Del Taco. If you wish to apply for an application there, you must use the company’s website. Full or part time jobs can be available, depending on the location.

Del Taco Jobs Available

Del Taco offers positions for Cook, Specialty Cook, Team Member, Customer Service Specialist, and General Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Del Taco

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Del Taco.

Del Taco Store Hours

Most Del Taco locations are open all day, every day.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Del Taco

To apply for a job at Del Taco, use the company’s website. After filling out the very basic application, the only thing left is to wait for the hiring manager to call you back for an interview.

Since Del Taco is hiring for entry-level positions, the interview process should be painless. Since Del Taco is growing so quickly, they are often trying to hire new grill cooks, drive through operators, and cashiers. Turnover can be high, so hiring can be very quick and painless.

Most Common Positions At Del Taco & Income Information

The most common positions at Del Taco are the cashiers, grill cooks, and shift leader positions.

Cashiers must deal with customers, count and receive money and bills, troubleshoot the register when it’s down, and perform simple math. They must also be able to have a constantly cheery demeanor, and provide exemplary customer service. They may be required to stand on their feet for up to 8 hours at a time, depending on the length of their shift and the business of their location.

Grill Cooks are the employees that make the actual food. Their training will often be provided for them, meaning that can come into the job without a bit of cooking knowledge. Grill cooks must be able to work efficiently with or without supervision, make consistently delicious food, and be fast workers. When there are a lot of people in their store, they will need to know how to hurry up and work harder without sacrificing quality. Like Cashiers, grill cooks must be on their feet for up to 8 hours. In addition, they may be requied to lift or move heavy boxes up to 50 lbs each.

In general, Team Members will make minimum wage when they start. Federally, minimum wage is set at $7.25/hour, but make sure to check. Your state or district could have a higher or lower minimum wage than the federal standard. Be sure to check while job hunting!

Del Taco Benefits

While working at Del Taco, you’ll benefit from paid training, flexible schedules, and competitive pay rates. In addition, eligible employees may receive paid vacation, 401(k) retirement programs, sick leave, health coverage, and more.


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