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Hardee’s Application – Apply Online At Hardee’s Today


Hardee’s Job Application Online

The job application form for Hardee’s is entirely online. There is no printable job application form available. To apply for a job, you must visit the Hardee’s site and apply there.

Hardee’s Jobs Available

Jobs at Hardee’s include Crew Member, Shift Leader, Repair and Maintenance Technician, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, General Restaurant Manager, Regional Restaurant Manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Hardee’s

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Hardee’s.

Hardee’s Store Hours

Hardee’s locations are typically open from 6am to 9pm Monday through Friday, from 4am to 12pm on Saturdays, and from 5am to 10pm on Sundays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Hardee’s

The online Hardee’s application has the jobs at nearly all the locations available through their database. You can search by Job Category, Job Location, or Keyword. Fill out one of the forms and then continue to Search for jobs that match your search terms.

When you click on a job, you’ll be presented with a quick summary of the job, the requirements, and the location. It’s pretty simple. If the job looks like something you like, you’ll be asked to sign in with your Hardee’s application account and continue filling out the form.

Most Common Positions At Hardee’s & Income Information

The most common entry-level position at Hardee’s is the crew member positions. Crew members are both cashiers and cooks, depending on their training and what’s needed for the store. You could be asked to cook one day, and to cashier the next.

While working as a Cashier, employees are expected to be well-groomed, professional, and presentable. Customers should always come first, and courtesy should be the order of the day. They’re also be required to understand and use a cash register, as well as perform simple mental math while working with money. Cashiers are expected to leave every customer feeling attended to and happy, even when their personal life is unpleasant or the customer is rude. Those who can look on the bright side of life find that they’re

While cooking, employees are to be expected to consistently and efficiently make the food that’s been ordered. They may also be asked to clean around their work areas- so the best workers make it a habit to clean as they cook. This both reduces the amount of end-of-night cleanup and reduces accidental slips, burns, or mistakes in cooking. Cooks are expected to work quickly and well, with an excellent attention to detail. A mistake in the kitchen could mean lost time and productivity, as well as a lost customer!

Entry-level crew members typically make minimum wage. Although Federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour, the laws in your area may set it higher, or lower. Check with your local laws.

Hardee’s Benefits

Hardee’s part-time employees enjoy competitive pay scales, flexible schedules, and industry-standard paid job training. In addition, some full-time employees are eligible for even more benefits, including health care, retirement plans, paid vacations, time off, and more. Apply online today to find out what sort of benefits the position you’re looking at provides!


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