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Jimmy John’s Application – Apply Online At Jimmy John’s Today


Jimmy John’s Job Application Online

Jimmy John’s offers a printable job application that you can turn in at your convenience. After you print it out, make sure to fill in your application with clear handwriting, dark blue or black ink, and double-check accuracy. Even a simple spelling mistake can put your application to the bottom of the pile, so don’t let it happen to you!

Jimmy John’s Jobs Available

Jobs at Jimmy John’s include Cashier, Team Member, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher, Shift Leader, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Area Manager, Business Coach, Catering Specialist, Catering Manager, Baker, Delivery Driver, Guerilla Marketer, Certified Security Rock Star, Training Manager, Restaurant Owner

Minimum Employment Age At Jimmy John’s

You must be at least 16 years old to work at Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John’s Store Hours

The hours of operation for Jimmy John’s are 11am through 10pm Sunday through Thursday, 11am through 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Jimmy John’s

When you’re applying with Jimmy John’s, make sure that you’re turning your application in to the manager. If you’re turning your application in at a non-peak time, you’ll often be invited to interview on the spot if your location is hiring.

During this time, the manager will let you know what the job duties are, what your personal responsibilities would be, and the hours that you’d be working.  They will also ask you some questions that’d gage your ability to work with the company, including some famous interview questions such as describing your most painful weakness. Hiring managers are often reaching for more inventive questions these days, so be prepared for some honest surprises. Try and guide your answers to your positive traits, and turn even negative experiences into something where you measurably learned something about yourself, that situation, or life itself. Do your best to come across as intelligent and interesting without being overly verbose or boring.

Most Common Positions At Jimmy John’s & Income Information

By far, the most common position at Jimmy John’s is the entry level position, the crew member.

Crew members are required to work the cash register, cook food, bake bread, clean the store, help customers, organize the stockroom, and any other duties that may be required by the manager on duty. Some employees will drive delivery trucks, and spend a lot of their time on their own, delivering to-go food to customers. Whatever it is that you’re required to do, you must be professional, clean, and tidy. An excellent attitude and a passion for customer service will help you greatly at Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John’s entry-level workers generally make minimum wage. Federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour, but your state or district may have different laws in place.

Jimmy John’s Benefits

Team members at Jimmy John’s benefit from competitive base pay, flexible schedules, and a positive work environment. Long-term and full time employees may gain access to even more benefits- be sure to ask!


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