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Leeann Chin Job Application Online

Leeann Chin’s application form is provided for download. Print out, complete, and turn in this application to a manager or assistant manager at the location most convenient to you to apply for employment.

Leeann Chin Jobs Available

Jobs at Leeann Chin include Cashier, Team Member, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Manager, Delivery Truck Driver, Compensation and Benefits Coordinator

Minimum Employment Age At Leeann Chin

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Leeann Chin.

Leeann Chin Store Hours

Leeann chin is open all day, every day, excepting only some major holidays.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Leeann Chin

Since you’re turning in a physical copy of your application, make sure that you’re completing the form in blue or black ink only. Use a pen that makes clear marks, and try not to make mistakes. If you do make a mistake, print out a new application or make the correction neatly. Most food outlets have a large influx of new applications daily, so anything you do to make yourself stand out in a negative way will be noticed.

Most Common Positions At Leeann Chin & Income Information

The most common positions for employment at Leeann Chin are Team Member and Assistant Manager for the entry-level and supervisory positions, respectively.

Team members are often divided into cooks and servers.

Cooks must be consistent with their cooking and ensure that quality food is being delivered to the customers every time. In addition, they must clean their workstations and the workplaces of those around them frequently, and make sure that the food is being properly handled and disposed of. They must be able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure.

Servers must bring be able to move quickly and efficiently, without dropping any of the delivered food. This also means that servers do not just stand on their feet for hours, they must be able to walk for hours with a smile on their face and genuine enthusiasm for courtesy. Servers must be able to accurately record and deliver food and beverages to hungry customers.

Assistant managers are the entry-level supervisory position. Often occupying a place in between general managers and the team members, assistant managers are responsible for training new employees, efficiently delegating work, and ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Assistant managers will often be called upon to help with team members’ work as well, when the workers get behind.

Entry-level employees at Leeann Chin often make minimum wage, which is set by federal law to be $7.25 per hour. Your local laws may have set the minimum wage to a different amount entirely, or you may be able to negotiate a higher starting pay based on experience or skills.

Leeann Chin Benefits

Eligible part-time workers are offered competitive base pay scales as well as flexible schedules and on the job training. Full-time employees are offered generous salaries as well as medical, dental, and vision plans!


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