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Maui Tacos Application – Apply Online At Maui Tacos Today


Maui Tacos Job Application Online

Maui Tacos provides a printable job application form. After downloading this form, print it out and fill it in accurately with blue or black ink.

Maui Tacos Jobs Available

Jobs at Maui Tacos include Manager, Cashier, Expediter, Prep Cook, Grill Cook, Assistant Manager, Executive Chef, Chef, Director of IT Operations

Minimum Employment Age At Maui Tacos

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Louisiana Fried Chicken.

Maui Tacos Store Hours

Maui Taco is open every day from 9am to 9pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Maui Tacos

Since Maui Taco provides a printable job application form, your job is a little easier. The simple act of having to get up and move oneself to one’s potential job application place will reduce the number of applicants by nearly half, which means that standing out will be even easier.

Make no mistake, the point is to stand out in a good, positive way. When you turn in your application, make sure that you’re turning it directly into the manager on duty. You can ask the other employees for the manager, or call the store while you’re still at home and ask if a manager is present. If there’s no manager, find out when they’ll be back. If they’re back at a time that isn’t busy for the store, turn it in. You’ll likely be invited to a quick interview if the location’s hiring, so make sure that you show up to the Maui  Taco location dressed your best.

Most Common Positions At Maui Tacos & Income Information

The most common positions for employment at Maui Tacos are Grill Cooks, Cashiers, and Assistant Managers.

Grill cooks are responsible for making the excellent food that is Maui Taco’s trademark. It might seem impossible at first, but rest assured that your fellow employees will help you achieve your lofty goals of being able to cook some of the finest Mexican/Hawaiian food around.

Being a Cashier is similarly excellent. While you will be separated from the magic of the grill, what you lack in hands-on cooking you will gain in experience. You will be able to deal with others who are as entranced with the Maui Taco way as yourself, and help them to achieve their goals of a belly full of the food of their dreams.

Assistant Managers make sure that the magic happens each day, every day, as much as possible. They report directly to the store managers, and ensure that each employee is happy, productive, well-trained, and scheduled for hours that they can actually work.

Maui Tacos pays the standard for entry-level jobs, $7.25 an hour. Of course, the intangible benefits can be much higher, and there’s ample opportunity for advancement.

Maui Tacos Benefits

Those working at Maui Tacos will find that the paid training, flexible schedule, and decent pay are reasons to continue their employment even once they’ve grown tired of the work itself. Those who have attained greater levels of experience may find that they are compensated for their time with generous salaries, retirement benefits, and paid time off!


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