Panda Express Job Application

Panda Express Application – Apply Online At Panda Express Today

Panda Express Job Application Online

Panda Express, the restaurant chain which serves exotic food at almost 1,300 locations around the world, calls energetic, smart people to join their employees team. Operated by the parent company Panda Restaurant Group Inc., the jobs offered at Panda Express offer high-end salaries and huge scope for career growth. Right now, there is no specific Panda Express job application which you can print and fill up. Instead, you can apply for a Panda Express job by submitting a Panda Express job application online. You can also seek for employment directly, at your nearest Panda Express outlet by submitting your resume in person.

Panda Express Jobs Available

Panda Express gives prime priority to youngsters who possess willingness to work hard and who are motivated and energetic. Several job positions are available at Panda Express and you can choose the one which you think is best for you. Currently available job positions at Panda Express include : Host/hostess, line cook, prep cook, waiter/waitress, dish cleaner, property accounting clerk, payroll accounting clerk, tax accountant, kitchen manager, assistant manager, restaurant manager, field human resources manager, food science manager, facilities manager, lease administrator, human resources service center representative, equipment coordinator, field marketing associate, administrative assistant, project designer, freight analyst, business analyst, operations support assistant and corporate paralegal.

Minimum Employment Age At Panda Express:

You need to be at least 16 years of age, to apply for a job at Panda Express.

Panda Express Store Hours

Panda Express’s regular working time for week days is 10.30am till 08.30pm. It is open on weekends too. On Saturdays, Panda Express operate from 10:00am till 09.00 pm and on Sundays, the working time is from 11.00am till 6.00 pm.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Panda Express

To be a part of Panda Express’s fast-growing restaurant chain, fill in your Panda Express application form in a smart manner. Avoid errors in your Panda Express job application and don’t leave any fields incomplete or blank. Be specific and mention your choice of working hours and location accurately. For more useful tips on how to make your Panda Express application impressive, it is advisable that you read through our free report 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At Panda Express & Income Information

Entry level, professional, part-time or fulltime, you name the kind of work you are looking for and Panda Express has it. Almost all jobs at Panda Express offer opportunities for career growth and advancement into management level. Professional posts like assistant manager, field human resources manager and tax accountant are very common at Panda Express. Panda Express entry level jobs involve duties such as cooking and serving food, greeting customers, taking orders and cleaning the store. Managerial posts involve duties of daily store supervision, hiring and training employees and collecting customer feedback etc.

Panda Express Benefits

Panda Express offers exciting benefits to keep its employees happy and satisfied. Apart from competitive pay rates, the employees at Panda Express enjoy the benefits of paid time off, 401(k) retirement plans, holidays, healthcare coverage, employee discounts, life insurance policies etc.

Best of luck with your Panda Express job application!

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