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 Pick Up Stix Job Application Online

Are you searching for a high earning restaurant job? Do you wish to work your way through college or high school by joining one of the best restaurants in your area? If yes, look ahead to filling up and submitting a Pick Up Stix job application. Pick Up Stix is one of the most popular foodservice chains across California, and owns almost 70 outlets, giving employment opportunities to thousands of people. Pick up Stix does not provide a printable application form which you can fill up and submit in person. Therefore, to get hired at Pick Up Stix, you need to apply online through the Pick Up Stix online application form, which you can find at the Careers page of Pick Up Stix (http://www.pickupstix.com/about-careers.php).

Pick Up Stix Jobs Available

Part-time, fulltime jobs, entry level, professional, seasonal and permanent jobs are offered at Pick Up Stix. Some available job positions are: Cashier, cooks, counter helper, hosts and hostesses, food runner, assistant restaurant manager and restaurant manager.

Minimum Employment Age At Pick Up Stix:

The minimal age to start a career with Pick Up Stix is 16 years.

Pick Up Stix Store Hours

The working hours at Pick up Stix vary depending upon the location.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Pick Up Stix

If you are a newbie into the foodservice sector, then Pick Up Stix is the right place for you. No experience history is required to get hired at Pick Up Stix. Pick Up Stix employs people on both hourly and fulltime basis. Whichever be the job position you are applying for, make sure that your Pick Up Stix application has a competitive edge over the thousands of applications which the company receives every single day. Fill up your Pick Up Stix job application form accurately and neatly and list out your strengths and qualities. Do not forget to include your preferences of store location and working shift. For more such tips on making your Pick Up Stix application impressive, please go through our free report 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At Pick Up Stix
& Income Information

Pick Up Stix hires people mostly to fill entry-level team member jobs. The duties of a crew member include cooking, serving the customers, answering client questions, cleaning store areas and completing the tasks assigned to them. Well qualified individuals can apply for managerial posts. If you are an energetic and forward thinking person, then Pick Up Stix has a vacancy for you. Part-time jobs at Pick Up Stix is an ideal way to earn valuable customer service experiences which will certainly help you in future, if you are interested in the foodservice industry.

Pick Up Stix Benefits

Pick Up Stix offers attractive benefits to its employees. Workers at Pick up Stix receive good pay options, job training, associate discounts and advancement opportunities. Eligible employees also enjoy other benefits such as annual salary bonus, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement plans.

Pick Up Stix is constantly hiring new work associates. Submit your Pick Up Stix application online and “Set your career on fire”!

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