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Runza Job Application Online

Established in 1949, Runza is a popular name among the foodservice firms in United States. The restaurant chain, which specializes in ethnic German cuisine, offers umpteen job opportunities for employment seekers around the world. Currently, Runza has outlets in various locations throughout Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. If you wish to gain employment consideration at any one of the 80 stores which Runza operates, you can submit a neatly filled up Runza job application form and submit it online at their career webpage

Runza Jobs Available

Part-time, fulltime, permanent or seasonal, name the job you need and Runza has it! The array of job opportunities which Runza offers include: Cashier, crew member, food prep, kitchen staff, assistant manager, general manager, managing partner, certified shift supervisor, certified neighborhood marketing representative, certified store bookkeeper, certified store trainer, director of marketing, marketing creative manager, marketing assistant, director of accounting, director of Human Resources, administrative assistant, receptionist, design coordinator, design assistant, project manager, construction supervisor, maintenance associate, Director of Operations, field representative, equipment manager, concessions coordinator, POS Systems administrator, store computer administrator, Runza University Trainer and Director of Runza University.

Minimum Employment Age At Runza:

The minimum age to receive hiring consideration from Runza is 15 years.

Runza Store Hours

Runza stores worldwide operate on all days of the week. From Monday to Saturday, the working hours at Runza are from 10.30 AM till 10.30 PM and on Sundays, the stores are open from 10.30 AM till 10.00 PM.

Important Tips To Apply Online With Runza

Runza is an equal opportunity employer which hires new employees solely on the basis of their talent and experience. To make yourself different and eligible for employment at Runza, you need to prove your versatility and smartness through an effectively filled Runza job application form. Fill in the application neatly and accurately, without errors or omissions. Remember to include your previous working experiences in the foodservice industry. Fill up all the required fields and to make your Runza job application instantly impressive, read our free report 7 Secrets to Getting Hired.

Most Common Positions At Runza & Income Information

Runza is constantly in need of new employees to fill posts of crew members, cooks and managers. Entry-level workers mostly assist the customers, prepare food, take orders and deliver them. The pay rates for crew members are near the minimum wage. Managerial positions at Runza involve duties like store supervision and training new employees. They receive high salary based on their qualifications and experience. Entry level employees at Runza can choose to work part-time or fulltime, depending upon their convenience and the store hours in that location. However, the managers at Runza need to be present in the store, throughout the working hours, to ensure that the sales are progressing smoothly.

Runza Benefits

The benefits of being employed at Runza are many. Beyond great pay, Runza offers its employees benefits such as paid time off, meal discounts, flexible scheduling, healthcare coverage, monthly bonuses, anniversary bonuses, 401(k) retirement plans, paid holidays and more.

Hope you build up a successful restaurant career with the Runza job application!

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